Preves Interviewed by Reckon News

Social Justice and Social Change Professor Sharon Preves was recently interviewed for a piece published by Reckon News entitled "In the Wake of Gender Affirming Bans, the Intersex Community Demands Bodily Autonomy." Here are some highlights from the article: "While the Biden administration made history in being the first in the U.S. to acknowledge intersex people and their right to bodily autonomy, 'the legal landscape regarding intersex rights is highly decentralized,' said Sharon Preves, the program director of Public Health Sciences and professor of sociology at Hamline University in Minnesota. Preves, who is also the author of Intersex and Identity: the Contested Self, explains that there have been attempts to pass legislation to ban 'nonconsensual cosmetic surgery on infants and children' in a few states, though none have yet passed. "'These bills have thus far not made it out of committee and have been stopped by pediatric urologists and endocrinologists who continue to argue that such interventions are ‘for the sake of the child’ and that to not intervene would cause irreparable social harm and alienation, dooming the child to a life of social isolation and misery.'"