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    Neighborhood Advisory Committee

    The Hamline University Neighborhood Advisory Committee has been established to improve and enhance communication and relationships between Hamline University and the Hamline Midway community; to establish an ongoing process for the Hamline Midway community and Hamline University to work together on matters of mutual interest and to strengthen community partnerships; to provide Hamline University with an opportunity to engage with the community on University matters that directly impact the local neighborhood and community; and to advise the City of St. Paul on University projects and plans that require the involvement of the City and that directly impact the local community.

    Upcoming Meetings

    The public is welcome to attend HUNAC meetings. HUNAC meetings are typically held periodically on the third Monday of the month from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Hamline Midway Library, in the basement (access through west entrance). The address of the library is 1558 Minnehaha Avenue, Saint Paul. To find out if HUNAC is meeting this month, contact Mark Berkson, the Hamline co-chair of HUNAC at mberkson@hamline.edu.

    About the Neighborhood Advisory Committee

    Click here to read about the Objectives, Terms, and Responsibilities of the Neighborhood Advisory Committee. You may also view an archive of meeting notes from past Neighborhood Advisory Committee meetings.

    Membership List

    At Large Community Members
    Krista Finstad Hanson
    Karen Chaput
    Jessica Kopp

    Historic Hamline Village
    Robin Hemenway
    Roy Neal

    City of St. Paul, Ward 4
    Samantha Henningson

    Hamline Church United Methodist
    Al Ickler
    Amy Schroeder Ireland

    Hamline University
    Mark Berkson (faculty representative/co-chair)

    Hamline University Student Congress (HUSC) 
    Paige Natzke (student)

    Hamline Midway Coalition
    Michael Jon Olson
    Steve Samuelson