Hamline Student Hailey Belflowe and other students smiling to the picture

Meet Hailey Belflower '22

Transferring to Hamline helped this biology student discover her passion

If it hadn't been for one small conversation, Hailey Belflower ‘22 might've never found her place at Hamline. After she earned her associates degree from Inver Hills Community College, she was registered and ready to attend the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.

But when a classmate from Inver Hills suggested that Belflower check Hamline out—reminding her how much she loves small classes and hands-on learning—Belflower scheduled a last-minute visit to campus that changed everything.

I came to Hamline, did the informational meeting, took a tour, and loved it. Right before orientation, I changed everything from the U, completely flipped it around, and was just barely able to register for orientation here. It felt more right."

Hailey Belflower Hamline Transfer Student  holding a coffee at Hamline University

As a biology major, Belflower's hands-on experiences in her classes have helped her discover a passion for forensics. She hadn't considered the field before a guest speaker in her biology seminar shared his work at a Twin Cities crime lab, and Belflower was "totally captivated."

"He stayed after for questions and I talked to him, and he invited me to the lab for a tour. Now he's a good friend and mentor of mine, and I'm doing my internship with him," Belflower said. "I'm so glad that my classes help me meet people, hear presentations, and learn about other fields and disciplines. That's how I figured out what I wanted to do."

"It was such a whirlwind, but I'm so happy with my decision," Belflower said. "I really like the campus, the class sizes, and all of the professors I've had so far have been really amazing. I'm really glad that I made this decision."

Now an alum, Belflower works as a patient access specialist at Allina Health in the Twin Cities.


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