• Assessment

    Assessing for learning is a systematic and systemic process of inquiry into what and how well students learn over the progression of their studies and is driven by intellectual curiosity about the efficacy of collective educational practices.
    -Peggy L. Maki, 2004

    Assessment is not an end in itself but a vehicle for educational improvement.
    -AAHE, 1992

    Assessment should be driven by communally-defined and commonly-understood learning outcomes, and should in turn drive discussions and decisions about educational practices.

    Formative assessment captures student progress toward program-level or university-level learning outcomes at a midpoint in a course or program, and gives students and educators the opportunity and the information needed to adapt and improve educational practices before the end of the course or program.

    Summative assessment captures student achievement of program- and university-level learning outcomes at the end of a course of study, and provides data and directions for improvement in the design and delivery of curriculum, co-curriculum, and services.

    STUDENT vs. PROGRAM assessment