• Financial Aid Policies

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    Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

    Financial aid eligibility is based on satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards. The Financial Aid Office measures academic performance and enforces SAP standards to ensure that financial aid recipients progress toward completion of their degree or certificate program. Students who fail to meet these standards become ineligible to receive financial aid until compliant with all of the requirements detailed in this policy.

    To demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress, a student’s academic performance must meet two main SAP components. The first is a qualitative component, represented by grade point average (GPA). The second is a quantitative component measured by credit completion (the ratio between attempted and completed credits) and the maximum time frame to complete the degree or certificate program.

    View our Undergraduate Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

    View our Graduate Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 

    Financial Aid Drug Conviction Policy

    Financial aid eligibility is based on compliance with federal rules and regulations. A federal or state drug conviction may disqualify a student from receiving Title IV (federal) funds.
    Please review our the drug conviction policy below for more details.

    View our Financial Aid Drug Conviction Policy

    Return of Financial Aid Policy

    A student who withdraws from school or decreases their enrollment status may receive a decrease in the institutional charges (see withdraw charges policy from Student Accounts Office) as well as a reversal of a portion/all of their financial aid, depending on timing.

    View our Return of Financial Aid Policy 


    Enrollment Status

    NOTE: Only courses required for your program count in the Financial Aid Enrollment Status.


    Half-time*: At least 6 credits per semester.
    Full-time: At least 12 credits per semester.
    State Grant: At least 15 credits per semester for full award.


    Half-time*: At least 4 credits per semester.
    Full-time: At least 8 credits per semester.