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Sarah Greenman

Associate Professor - Criminology and Criminal Justice
Work space: St. Paul Main Campus > Giddens/Alumni Learning Center > Giddens/Alumni Learning Center GLC 212E

Sarah J. Greenman is an Assistant Professor of criminology and criminal justice in Hamline’s Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. Professor Greenman specializes in victimization, sanctioning, and deterrence. Before graduate school, Professor Greenman worked as a domestic violence victim’s advocate for felony and misdemeanor crimes. Greenman received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Carleton College and her Master’s and PhD from the University of Maryland Criminology and Criminal Justice Program. Professor Greenman has published articles on risk factors, protective factors, and juvenile sanctions.

Students taking a course with Professor Greenman will learn what the important and controversial issues in Criminology and Criminal Justice are today, what the research has found in regards to these issues, and how to apply theory to these issues. Students will learn how to consume and communicate research findings within the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

I hope students will leave Hamline with the ability to find, understand, and communicate research findings. Criminology and Criminal Justice is a field that is discussed at social gatherings and research conferences. I hope that students will be able to discuss these issues with all audiences in varying venues.

- Sarah Greenman