Linnette Werner

Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Work space: St. Paul Main Campus > East Hall > East Hall EAST 203E

After completing my teaching degree at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, I became passionate about the role that research plays in leading school change and applied to graduate school at the University of Minnesota. While pursuing my graduate studies there, I had the privilege to work at the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) and worked on the effects of arts integration on teaching and learning. After I received my PhD in Educational Policy and Administration in 2001, I became an adjunct faculty member for the newly founded Undergraduate Leadership Minor and taught in the program while I also served as an evaluation specialist in the St. Paul Public Schools (working with educators on action research and grant-based initiatives as well as No Child Left Behind data collection); After which, I became the Director of Research for Tubman Family Alliance and then for the Minnesota Child Response Center, which coordinated efforts to increase access to services for traumatized children.

After teaching as adjunct faculty for the Leadership Minor at the University of Minnesota for many years, I was appointed the Director in 2006 and worked with stakeholders to grow the Leadership Minor’s capacity from 250 enrollments a year to over 1800 students per year (by 2018). While at the U of M, I co-developed an instructor training process and curriculum that has been replicated in many other places. I also helped to create the Engaging Young Leaders conference and training to support leadership educators integrate Adaptive Leadership and Intentional Emergence pedagogy into the classroom.

In 2019, I became the associate dean of graduate programs at Hamline University in the College of Liberal Arts where I work with others on strategic initiatives, teaching, research, and innovation. In 2022, my role expanded and I became the associate dean for both undergraduate and graduate students within the CLA and the director for the newly launched undergraduate leadership minor at Hamline. 

With a background in educational policy & administration, teaching, the arts, and leadership, I am passionate about the intersection between leadership, equity, and inclusion. I believe that these pillars are foundational and interdependent parts of a healthy society.