• Sociology Research

    Hamline has a chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, an international sociology honor society. The Betty Green Award is given annually to an outstanding sociology major, and sociology majors are eligible to apply for the Amy Russell Award and Carol Young Anderson Scholarship for deserving social science majors.  

    Summer Collaborative Research

    Departmental Honors

    University Honors

    2010 Departmental Honors 

    Brad Brake America’s Hidden Stigmatized: Atheists in Society

    2009 Departmental Honors 

    Kelly Dahlman A Study of Men’s Involvement in Preventing Violence against Women

    2008 Departmental Honors 

    Nora Peterson Pure Religion: Religious Organizations Equipping Individuals for Service

    2007 Departmental Honors 

    Elizabeth Rimmer Images of War in the Media

    2006 Departmental Honors 

    Aaron Wahlstrom NFL: The National Fan League - Identity Creation Within the Social Institution of Professional Football

    2005 Departmental Honors 

    Amanda Jungels Pregnancy and Motherhood Experiences of Women Involved in Prostitution

    Kari Rudd The Role of the Public in Public Art

    Carly Voshell Links to the "Forgotten People": An Analysis of Book Requests for the Women's Prison Book Project

    2004 Departmental Honors 

    Thomas McLafferty  Media Coverage of the 1997 UPS Strike: A Comparative Analysis of the New York Times and Left Wing Articles' Portrayal of the Working Class

    2002 Departmental Honors

    Lesley Kandaras Exploring the Dynamics of Student Activism

    2001 Departmental Honors

    Leah Lindeman Small Town Festivals: An Exploration of Their Purpose and Meaning

    2000 Departmental Honors

    Emily Peterson An Evaluation of the Family Advocate Program in the Minneapolis Public Schools