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    Sociology is the scientific study of human society and social behavior. The sociological perspective invites students to look at their familiar surroundings as though for the first time. It allows students to get a fresh view of a world they have always taken for granted, to examine their world with the same curiosity and fascination that they might bring to an exotic, alien culture. Understanding the structure and process of society is necessary before ineffective, unjust, or harmful social arrangements can be changed. Good social policy and the eradication of social problems are not possible without an understanding of what caused the problem, the barriers that stand in the way of a solution, and the problems a particular solution might in turn create.

    Hamline’s Sociology curriculum is designed to expose students to life beyond their immediate experience, leading them into areas of society that they might otherwise have ignored or misunderstood, into the worlds of the rich and powerful, the poor and weak, the worlds of cult members, the elderly, and juvenile delinquents. Sociology also teaches students how to formulate significant questions about the social world, to recognize and analyze patterns of human behavior, and to consider the implications of their knowledge for social policy.

    Hamline's sociology department encourages its majors and minors to understand society and to act upon that knowledge to improve themselves and the world around them. Students are taught how to ask significant questions about the world around them, how to design and implement sociological research, and how to examine the ethical implications of their research.  The department is committed to heightening an awareness of social inequality, appreciating diversity, and pursuing social justice.

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