• Professor and Student in Physics Lab

    Facilities for Physics Students

    In addition to the collaborations we have with large research institutions around the country, in our own department students have access to the following research infrastructure:

    • State-of-the-art computer interfacing equipment and software (LabVIEW)
    • Electrical equipment including digital oscilloscopes (both physical boxes and computer interfaces), digital multimeters, function generators (including programmable ones), and power supplies
    • An 8-node parallel computing cluster, each having a quad-core Intel chip
    • An 8-Watt solid-state green laser (like the laser light show ones)
    • A 12 femtosecond Titanium Sapphire oscillator
    • A Magneto Optical Kerr Effect apparatus for measuring magnetic effects in thin films
    • A “neutron howitzer” radioactive source we can use to expose materials like aluminum to high fluxes of neutrons
    • A Mathematica site license
    • A LabVIEW site license
    • All the materials necessary for a Piper Physics Patrol show at a local elementary, middle, or high school