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    Paul Robert and Jean Shuman Hanna Lectures in Philosophy

    The Hanna Lectures are postponed indefinitely as we monitor the national situation. Please check back for updates.

    About the Hanna Lectures in Philosophy

    The Paul Robert and Jean Shuman Hanna Lectureship in philosophy was created in 1982 to bring a distinguished teacher and scholar in philosophy, of national or international reputation, to Hamline University. The donors desired that the Hanna Lectures serve as a memorial to their experience with Professor Gregory Dexter Walcott, their philosophy teacher during their days at Hamline University.

    Past Hanna Lectures (1982–Present)

    2019 Charles W. Mills, City University of New York
    2018 Peter Adamson, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
    2017 Nancy Tuana, Pennsylvania State University
    2016 Linda Martin Alcoff, Hunter College
    2015 Elisabeth Lloyd, Indiana University
    2014 Leonard Lawlor, Pennsylvania State University
    2013 Bas Van Fraassen, Princeton University
    2012 Duane L. Cady, Hamline University
    2011 Robert L. Holmes, University of Rochester
    2010 Nancy Tuana, Pennsylvania State University
    2009 Larry May, Vanderbilt University
    2008 Lorraine Code, York University
    2007 Arthur Fine, University of Washington
    2006 Amitai Etzioni, George Washington University
    2005 Lucius T. Outlaw (Jr.), Vanderbilt University
    2004 Richard Bernstein, New School University
    2003 bell hooks
    2002–2003 Alison Jaggar, University of Colorado at Boulder
    2001–2002 Evelyn Fox Keller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    1999–2000 Kwasi Wiredu, University of South Florida
    1998–1999 Marilyn Frye, Michigan State University
    1997–1998 Hilary Putnam, Harvard University
    1996–1997 Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    1995–1996 Kwame Anthony Appiah, Harvard University
    1994–1995 Margaret Wilson, Princeton University
    1993–1994 Cornel West, Princeton University
    1991 Arthur Danto, Columbia University
    1990 Martha Nussbaum, Brown University
    1989 Roderick M. Chisholm, Brown University
    1988 Hubert L. Dreyfus, University of California, Berkeley
    1987 Alan Donagan, California Institute of Technology 1987
    1986 Hamline University
    1985 Richard Wasserstrom, University of California, Santa Cruz
    1984 Huston Smith, Syracuse University
    1983 Hippocrates Apostle, Grinnell College
    1982 Milton C. Nahm, Bryn Mawr College