• Classroom Group Discussion

    Upper Division Elective Courses


    Fall 2015

    Hip-Hop in Global Perspective
    ANTH 3980
    Melisa Rivière
    T/Th 9:40-11:10 

    Media in Global Perspective
    COMM 3420
    Suda Ishida
    MWF 9:10-10:10

    Social Media and Contentious Politics in the Global Era
    GLOB 3700
    Leila DeVriese
    W 12:40-3:40

    African Crisis in Global Perspective
    GLOB 3980
    Kathryn Geurts
    Th 6:00-9:00

    International Organizations
    PSCI 3550
    Karen Vogel
    T/Th 12:50-2:20  



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