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    University Honors

    The University Honors Program emerges out of Hamline’s mission, values, and vision. It is an opportunity for students to make the most of their undergraduate careers by pursuing academic excellence, undergraduate research, community involvement, and individual development. Students who participate in the University Honors Program seek out academic challenges, create community with one another, and find their achievements recognized and validated. They exemplify the way Hamline students pursue and prepare for lives of leadership, scholarship, and service.

    Director's Message

    Welcome to Hamline’s University Honors Program! The mission of the University Honors Program is to encourage students to pursue excellence, to recognize students’ many and varied achievements, and to help high-achieving students create meaningful communities. The Honors staff and website help students locate the academic, cultural, and civic opportunities that are right for them. Honors advising helps students realize their potential both inside and beyond the classroom. Honors portfolios give students the chance to document and reflect on their work.

    Students participating in the Honors program take challenging classes, pursue research experiences, develop themselves as lifelong learners, and contribute to their communities.

    Most importantly, the University Honors Program works to challenge students. At Hamline, Honors is not a way of labeling you based on your past achievements, nor is it a reward for what you have already done. Rather, it is an invitation to challenge yourself to do more. It is a process, not a status, or, in the words of Dr. Kevin Knudson, “a challenge, not a reward.” For Honors students, doing well in their courses is only the beginning. Honors students take seriously and participate in Hamline’s mission to create a diverse and collaborative community in which students develop their knowledge, values and skills for successful lives of leadership, scholarship, and service. They engage fully in the academic, civic, and cultural life of the university, seeking out all that Hamline and the world has to offer them. Being an Honors student is a significant responsibility. We invite all students to consider pursuing Honors, and hope you will consider it.

    The University Honors Program seeks to provide you with the tools and resources you need to make the most of your time at Hamline. Applications are due in December and May; there is no application fee. Following acceptance into the program, students take the one-credit Introduction to Honors course. Our website gathers information for both current and prospective students, and provides links to various offices and opportunities.

    Professor Susie L. Steinbach
    Director of Honors