• Summer Term 2018

    Summer Term 2018

    Online and on campus

    Summer classes are available to current Hamline students, transfer students, and visiting students—you do not need to be a registered Hamline student to take advantage of summer courses!

    Explore how to make summer count by enrolling in summer courses. You can:

    • Delve deeper into your passion or explore a whole new interest—and satisfy a Hamline Plan requirement at the same time. 
    • Give yourself more time and flexibility during the fall and spring by spreading out your courses over the year and catch up or get ahead by taking summer classes.
    • Do in four, eight or 12 weeks what you would normally do in 14 weeks; focusing on one or two classes really grounds you in your subject matter.
    • Immerse yourself in just one to two courses at a time—it’s a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

    Summer Courses

    View summer course listings on Hamline's website: select Undergraduate Program > Summer 2018. 

    Some offerings include: Astronomy; The Power of Art; Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics; Music in World Cultures; Energy, Environment, and the Economy; Physics for Poets; General Psychology; Social Issues; and many more. 


    Registration Details 


    Summer tuition is discounted for all students.

    Important Dates

    View the academic calendar for all important dates.

    2018 Term dates Last day to add/drop classes Last day to withdraw from classes
    Summer term I June 4–June 28 June 5 June 18
    Summer term II July 9–August 2 July 10 July 23
    Summer term III June 4–August 10 June 7 July 17

    See the Tuition section for refund schedule.