Account Charges and Online Payments

Office of Student Accounts

Hamline University account charges are added electronically. Charges are available to view in Workday.

There are many advantages to these services being available online:

  • Paperless and environmentally responsible
  • Students' account charges can be viewed or paid online any time
  • Ability to invite a third party to view account charges and make payments
  • Option for either online direct debit or online credit card payments
  • Secure transactions that meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS)
  • Real time processing

Online payments

The methods available to pay your student account include:

  • Direct debit (no fee). All new accounts must be validated. Validation takes 3-4 business days. You will be notified by email once an account has been validated.
  • American Express, Discover, VISA, and MasterCard payments accepted only online. A non-refundable 2.85% service fee is charged for each transaction.
  • Cash or check payments are accepted at the cashier's window in East Hall. You can also mail check payments to the Student Accounts office at 1536 Hewitt Avenue, Mail Stop A1770, Saint Paul, MN 55104.

For more detailed instructions on how to make payments in Workday, check out our Workday student resources (Google Site).

To comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS), the university carefully processes all credit card payments according to industry standards. The credit card industry implemented PCIDSS to protect the security of your personal information.

Credit card transaction fee

The university has contracted with a third-party service provider that is compliant with the PCIDSS to process credit cards on our behalf. The 2.85% rate charged by the service provider is determined as the cost of providing the service. The fees collected are retained by the service provider for payment of the bank transaction fees.

The 2.85% fee is not refundable, even if your student account payment is refunded.

Installment plan

The installment plan allows students to split their tuition into more manageable monthly installments over the course of the semester. For more information, please go to our payment options page.

Access payment systems

Students: Log into your Workday account and navigate to your Finance dashboard.

Parents: Students can sign up their third party member through their Workday account. The invited person will receive an email directing them to finish the setup to access the student's account and view charges or make payments.

Account charges

When account charges are added, students will be notified via email and/or their notification inbox in Workday. Students can navigate to their Workday Finances dashboard to view their account and make payments.

View account activity

To view your account charges in more detail, navigate to your Finances dashboard in Workday and select the link to "View Account Activity" or "View Statement."