Refund and Account Overpayment Policies

Office of Student Accounts

Credit balance

A credit balance will be refunded if the Student Accounts office verifies that the student is eligible to receive it. A credit balance that is the result of a check payment (electronic or paper) will be refunded 10 business days from the date the payment was posted to the account. Refunds are issued by paper check or by direct deposit. Instructions for direct deposit are listed below.

Overpayment from financial aid

The Federal Government has specific guidelines regarding the refund of a credit balance from Federal Title IV funds.

  • If a credit balance is created by Federal funds (Pell, SEOG, Direct Loans), the student will be issued a refund within 2 weeks from the date the funds were credited to the student account.
  • If a credit balance is created by a Federal Parent Plus Loan, the refund must be issued to the parent unless the parent designated the student as the recipient during the application process. Parent Plus Loan refunds are mailed to the parent's address listed on the loan application. These checks require more time to process but are mailed out as promptly as possible.

Installment plan

If a student is enrolled in the installment plan, no refund will be issued until after the installment plan is paid in full.

Instructions to enroll in direct deposits for refunds

Log into Workday using your Hamline username and password, then select:

  • Finances
  • My Account
  • Set Up Payment Elections
  • Enter your banking information
  • Add the bank account to the Student Refund Rule