May and Summer Term Registration

Registration and Records

Summer classes are available to current Hamline students, transfer students, and visiting students. You can immerse yourself in condensed three-, four-, six-, or 12-week courses, earn credits and Hamline Plan points, and delve into a topic outside your major.

A sample of past course offerings includes:

  • Imaging the Invisible World
  • Human Heredity and Disease
  • Topics in Professional Writing
  • Sounds of Protest
  • Human Impacts on Aquatic Ecology
  • Statistics
  • Music in World Cultures
  • Astronomy
  • Brain and Behavior

May and summer courses are offered in-person, hybrid, or online, and summer tuition is discounted for all students.

May and Summer 2024 registration opens Monday, March 4, 2024. See the academic calendars page or the table below for additional details.

Registering for May and summer courses

Registration opens Monday, March 4. Registration details vary based on what kind of student you are:

Contact Student Administrative Services at 651-523-3000 or with questions.

You can find a list of courses offered in the upcoming May and summer terms one of two ways:

Select a course's title to see when it meets.

Important dates for 2024 terms

2024 Start and end dates Last day to add/drop classes Last day to withdraw from classes
May term 5/13 to 5/31 5/14 5/24
Summer term I 6/3 to 6/28 6/4 6/21
Summer term II 7/8 to 8/2 7/9 7/26
Summer term III 6/3 to 8/9 6/10 7/26

Credit information and academic policies

Summer students are responsible for knowing certain information located in the Undergraduate Bulletin. The Academic Policies section includes information on grades, incomplete contracts, and class attendance. Courses that are referenced as prerequisites for summer classes can also be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Financial aid and VA benefits

Financial aid is available for summer students enrolled in at least six-semester credits. Financial aid for summer normally consists of Federal Subsidized or Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, SELF, Private Loans, Minnesota State Grant, and Pell Grant (when applicable). Contact the Student Administrative Services office at 651-523-3000 for information on eligibility and application deadlines.

If you are eligible to receive VA educational benefits during the academic year, you are probably eligible to receive them for the summer. For further information, consult with the veteran's benefit coordinator at 651-523-3000.

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