ACTC Cross-Registration

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Student eligibility

ACTC cross-registration is offered to Hamline students who:

  • Are full-time, bachelor's degree-seeking, undergraduate students. (Post baccalaureate and graduate students do not qualify.)
  • Are not first-year students registering for their first semester. (First-year students who want to take a foreign language not offered at Hamline may cross-register for an ACTC language class.)
  • Have completed (or are in-progress) prerequisites required for the desired ACTC classes. Hamline advisors may not waive prerequisites; only ACTC instructors may do so.
  • Want to cross-register for regular day classes.

Number of courses

  • One ACTC course per semester is allowed (even if the course is fewer than four credits), provided that the course is not offered at Hamline during the same semester.
    • Exception: Students pursuing an approved Hamline Flexible Curriculum major/minor or a specialized major/minor that specifically requires ACTC courses (such as social studies) may register for more than one ACTC course in a semester.
  • Cross-registration will not be processed if doing so would result in a credit overload for the semester. Students may register for no more than 20 credits in fall or spring.

Course eligibility

  • Only degree-seeking undergraduate courses are available for ACTC cross-registration.
  • Summer courses are not eligible.
  • St. Thomas is the only ACTC school, besides Hamline, with an eligible January (winter) term.
  • All directed study work (independent and individual study courses, internships, private music lessons, etc.) must be taken at Hamline.
  • Course prerequisites must be satisfied or in progress before cross-registration will occur.
  • ACTC schools may deny cross-registration in some areas of study (e.g., first year seminars, or nursing.)
  • ACTC schools may deny cross-registration in certain specialty program courses (e.g., St. Kate’s Weekend College and Minneapolis Campus courses.)
  • Hamline students attempting to cross-register for Business courses at St. Thomas (such as ACCT, BLAW, BUSN, DSCI, ENTR, FINC, MGMT, MKTG, OPMT, REAL) are required to obtain approval from the St. Thomas College of Business. Email to obtain approval. Print out their return email approval and attach it to your ACTC Cross-Registration Form PRIOR to submitting the form to Student Administrative Services for processing.
  • Hamline students attempting to cross-register for environmental studies, computer science, or math courses at Macalester (such as ENVI, COMP, or MATH) are required to obtain instructor’s signature/approval. We will accept email approval directly from the instructor. Print out their email approval and attach it to your ACTC Cross-Registration Form prior to submitting the form to Student Administrative Services for processing.

Questions on eligibility and policies may be directed to

Hamline graduating seniors taking ACTC classes during their last semester participate in commencement even if their ACTC classes extend past Hamline’s final exam period.

Registration procedure

  • Students must submit a completed and signed ACTC Cross-Registration Form. The form should be submitted by email to or submitted in-person at Student Administrative Services, East Hall 113). 
    • This form must be accompanied by a course description and the course schedule.  
    • Instructor approval is required for all course during Add/Drop at the start of the term. Approval can be either a physical signature on the form or an email from the instructor submitted with the form. 
  • The ACTC Cross-Registration Form (Google Doc) must be submitted during the approved registration periods: The first two weeks of open registration and again beginning the first day of the semester through the last day to add for the semester (instructor signature is required starting the first day of class). The ACTC schools may have differing term start dates; forms will be accepted based on the term start date of the other school and the last day to add a class at Hamline. For specific dates, please see that school's academic calendar.