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The Center for Gender + Sexualities provides resources for the Hamline community including menstrual and sexual health products, a small library with zines, books, and information on gender and sexuality, sexual health, healthy relationships, sexual violence prevention, pregnancy and birthing, as well as resources for relevant local organizations such as Family Tree Clinic, Clinic 555, and SOS of Ramsey County.


The Center for Gender + Sexualities provides the community of Hamline with several resources.

  • All-gender restrooms on campus

    All-gender restrooms are public restrooms that can be used by people of any gender or sex. Those who do not identify with the gender binary may determine whichever facility is the most appropriate and most comfortable for them.

  • Preferred name changes

    Unlike legal name changes which require documentation, preferred name changes do not. The process to change your preferred name is a relatively easy process that will take about 48 hours for your name to switch in all our systems.

  • Gender markers, pronouns, and ID cards

    Hamline recognizes that names and pronouns are important ways we engage and acknowledge each other, whether it is the first time you are meeting a person or if you are introducing someone you have known for awhile to someone else, we use them in many different ways.

Menstrual and sexual health resources

The Center for Gender + Sexualities is dedicated to making our resources available to every student who needs them. That's why everything is free for Hamline students.

We provide a variety of menstrual and sexual health supplies, including urinary tract infection (UTI) tests, emergency contraceptives, and contraceptive options for people with allergies and sensitivities.

Our office in Anderson 320 is fully stocked and we have small paper bags to package your supplies if you'd like to be discreet. To request an item we don't have stocked, visit us or email us at

Sexual violence prevention

Hamline provides you with resources to help you identify unwanted sexual behaviors, understand your rights as a survivor, and access support as you heal from trauma.

We also have resources to help partners, family, and friends of survivors learn how to support a loved one who has experienced sexual violence. While we are not a confidential campus resource, our staff is here to listen and support you.

We believe everyone deserves to feel safe. If you've been sexually assaulted, get help now. If you are unsafe or in crisis and need immediate assistance, please contact:

For more resources, please visit our sexual misconduct and prevention webpage.

Want to engage others on campus? Learn more about our Step UP! Bystander prevention work, and how you can join us.

Off-campus resources