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    Majors and Academics

    Academics at Hamline are intense, inspiring, and hands on. With a student to faculty ratio of 13:1, you will receive personal attention from faculty members at the top of their field.  With our wide-range of programs and innovative "Hamline Plan," you can tailor your education around the skills and topics you want to learn.  View a complete list of programs offered at Hamline: 

    Find Your Major  

    As a student at Hamline you'll be able to put what you learn into practice. Every Hamline student completes an internship, engages in collaborative/field-based research, or a leads a service-learning project. These practical experiences will help you start building your professional network and develop the skills that will lead to full-time employment upon graduation.

    Academic Programs

    Whatever your academic interests, you will find engaging courses among Hamline's more than 50 areas of study. And don't worry if you're still undecided about your major - you're not alone!  The Hamline plan is designed to help you explore a variety of options and choose a major on your own terms. 

    The Hamline Plan

    The Hamline Plan puts liberal arts education into practice by helping round out your student experience.  This nationally recognized general education program provides you with a series of applicable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, cultural competency, communication, and strong work habits.  These tie directly to graduation requirements and employers’ expectations of college graduates.

    First-Year Seminars

    As a new student, you will take a First-Year Seminar. This program is designed to ease you into college-level coursework in a fun and supportive environment. Class sizes are small and focus on a particular topic (from climate change to community building to American humor). Through their study, students develop the critical reading, thinking, and discussion skills essential to being a Hamline student.

    Study Abroad

    Hamline's study abroad program is one of the best you'll find.  Our dedicated staff will help make the idea of pursuing an internship in countries such as Senegal, England, or Chile a reality. Gain language fluency in Latin America, Asia, Europe, or Africa. Make friends from other countries and see the world from a completely different perspective. Get a taste for studying abroad during month-long January and May term courses or fully immerse yourself in another culture during semester and yearlong experiences across the globe.

    Collaborative Research

    Whether you conduct collaborative research in state-of-the-art science labs or work one-on-one with published authors and award-winning artists; our professors will work with you as an equal. There are many paid opportunities to gather and share original research, and we send one of the largest contingents of students to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research each year.