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    Majors and Academics

    At Hamline, education creates compassionate citizens of the world by encouraging students to maximize their intellectual, creative, and leadership potential. Opportunities abound to conduct research in state-of-the-art science labs or to work one-on-one with published authors and award-winning artists. And with the Hamline School of Business and Hamline School of Law on campus, students can easily pursue their larger degree and career goals. 

    Academic Programs

    Academics at Hamline are intense, inspiring, and hands on. Whatever your academic interests, you can find them in Hamline's more than 50 areas of study. 

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    Study Abroad

    Extend your Hamline education beyond Saint Paul, Minnesota! Pursue an internship in countries such as Senegal, England, or Chile. Gain language fluency in Latin America, Asia, Europe, or Africa. Make friends from other countries and see the world from a completely different perspective. Opportunities for study abroad abound, from month-long January and May term courses to semester and yearlong experiences across the globe.

    "The best thing about studying abroad was being outside of the traditional classroom structure and learning on your own. When you're abroad, you're learning 24/7. It revamped my enthusiasm for the pursuit of knowledge. Studying abroad pushed me to new depths in all facets of my life. I gained a new-found confidence in myself and my capabilities."
    - Matt Sindelar '10 (Prior Lake, Minnesota)

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    Collaborative Research

    Hamline funds summer collaborative research opportunities for talented students in any major to conduct original research while working one-on-one with a professor. This program offers paid opportunities for students to conduct and share research. Hamline also sends one of the largest contingents of students to the National Conference of Undergraduate Research every year.

    “At Hamline, I have opportunities to do research and be involved in the biology department more than I would at a bigger school. You relate to the professors on such a personal level - we play volleyball with them every Friday afternoon. Everyone in the department knows my name and what I'm capable of. They are interested in my future and what I'm going to get out of this major and this school.”
    - Jessica Churchill '12 (Duluth, Minnesota)

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    First Year Seminars

    All first-year Pipers are required to take a First Year Seminar, a program designed to ease new students into college-level coursework and provide them with a supportive peer cohort. Class sizes are small and focus on a particular topic (from climate change to community building to American humor). Through their study, students develop the critical reading, thinking, and discussion skills essential to higher education.

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    1. Top-ranked Minnesota university in its class 
    2. Small class sizes 
    3. The Hamline Guarantee

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