Hamline University Policies

Use this site to search for university-level policies as they apply to students, faculty, staff, and visitors, all of whom are expected to abide by them at all times. While policies cannot address every situation that may arise, it is important for all to exercise common sense and good judgment, and to ask questions if any policy or practice is unclear. Every effort has been made to include all university-level policies on this page. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please email policies@hamline.edu for assistance.

Nothing in any Hamline policy is intended to create or imply a contract or promise regarding how Hamline will deal with a particular situation. Hamline reserves the right to modify, suspend or revoke any policy, with or without prior notice, and retains the sole and complete discretion to interpret and apply its policies. Hamline also may choose not to apply a policy in certain circumstances, if it determines a different course of action is more appropriate in that circumstance.

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Academic Calendar: Graduate Students 2021-22Graduate StudentsThe Academic Calendar can be found at: www.hamline.edu/academiccalendar. Please note that this calendar is subject to change.
Academic Calendar: Undergraduate 2021-22Undergraduate StudentsHamline’s on-campus undergraduate program follows a 4-1-4 academic calendar. Online degree completion program courses are offered in eight-week sessions, two sessions each in fall, spring, and summer semesters.
Academic Honor Code: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsAcademic dishonesty includes any act that has the effect, or intention, of giving one student an unfair advantage over others in the completion or evaluation of academic work and/or inaccurately representing one’s academic work.
Academic Integrity and the Academic Honor Code: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsAcademic dishonesty includes any act that has the effect, or intention, of giving one student an unfair advantage over others in the completion or evaluation of academic work and/or inaccurately representing one’s academic work.
Academic Load: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsHamline University graduate students must be enrolled in at least 4 credits to be considered half-time and in at least 8 credits to be considered full-time.
Academic Load: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsThe typical program of undergraduate study consists of 32 credits distributed annually over fall, winter, and spring terms.
Academic Probation and Dismissal: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsAcademic probation is intended as a means to identify, notify, and extend help to students who seem for whatever reason to be jeopardizing the possibility of their eventual graduation.
Academic Progress: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsGraduate students must make satisfactory progress toward completion of their degree or license.
Academic Standards and Policies:Graduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsAcademic standards and policies for graduate students can be found in the annually-updated graduate student bulletin.
Academic Standards and Policies:Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsAcademic standards and policies for undergraduates can be found in the annually-updated undergraduate student bulletin.
Accommodations for Faculty, Staff, or Visitors with DisabilitiesFaculty, Staff, VisitorsHamline University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with a known disability to enable them to participate in the employment application process, perform the essential functions of the position held or desired, or enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment as are enjoyed by employees without disabilities.
Accommodations for Students with DisabilitiesGraduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsDisability Resources is committed to promoting equal access to the university and its programs for students with disabilities.
Alcohol and Illegal Drug Use by StudentsStudentsHamline University is concerned with preventing the use of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol on campus and in connection with activities sponsored by or affiliated with a Hamline University program, class or organization. Hamline also has an interest in educating students regarding the physical and psychological hazards of the use of illegal drugs and alcohol abuse, and increasing student sensitivity to the ways in which substance abuse interferes with the rights and privileges of others.
Alcohol at EventsFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsAlcohol service at events held on Hamline University premises requires an application submitted no fewer then 20 days in advance and must comply with alcohol service, security, and liquor license requirements.
Amnesty (Good Samaritan) Provision for Illegal Drug/Alcohol ViolationsStudents, VisitorsWhen on campus and assisting an individual who is intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs and who needs medical assistance or assistance due to a sexual assault by alerting university staff (e.g., RA, residence professional staff member, Office of Public Safety) or other appropriate authorities, neither the impaired individual nor those who seek such help will be subject to formal disciplinary action for violation of this policy.
Anderson Center Forum Furniture Faculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsThe Anderson Center Forum furniture should remain in the Forum with minimal rearrangement at all times.
Anderson Center Study Room UseFaculty, Staff, StudentsThe two study rooms on the Anderson Center first floor are available to faculty, students, and staff on a first-come, first-served basis for a maximum of two hours.
Asset DisposalFaculty, StaffTo promote consistency and ensure proper control, a formal procedure, including use of the Asset Disposal form, has been developed for the disposition of surplus or obsolete assets (including equipment, supplies, scrap materials, etc.).
Banner Student Worker PasswordStaff, StudentsAll students, including student workers, accessing the Banner system must have their own Banner access account and password.
Bereavement LeaveStaffKnowing that the death of a family member can be a very difficult and emotional time, Hamline University is committed to providing eligible employees time off to travel to and attend certain memorial and/or funeral services.
Bicycle Storage and ParkingFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline University provides racks for securing bicycles and maintaining grounds safety. Bicycles stored more than five (5) continuous days or stored in an unsafe manner are subject to removal or securing by Safety and Security.
Bishop Advertising/DressingFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsThe following policy covers using the Bishop statue to advertise for Campus Events.
Bone Marrow Donation LeaveFaculty, StaffHamline University will provide paid leaves of absence to eligible staff employees who undergo medical procedures to donate bone marrow.
Building Closure and AccessFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsIn the event of campus closure due to unsafe weather conditions, specific buildings will be closed and locked and persons without exterior access will be asked to vacate. A small selection of buildings/offices will remain open regardless of weather.
Building Temperature Faculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsFacilities Services has adopted a building temperature policy in order to optimize resource efficiency, standardize the use of space heaters and air conditioners, and maintain employee and student comfort.
Canvas Learning Management System UseFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsAppropriate use of the Canvas Learning Management System at Hamline University, to be used by the Hamline ITS department in conjunction with all Hamline Canvas users.
Capital Asset PurchasesFaculty, Staff, StudentsThe Accounting Office processes capital purchases and tracks and records capital assets in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
Cash and Check HandlingFaculty, Staff, StudentsThe Accounting Office establishes cash control guidelines with a special emphasis on handling cash and checks including those related to events that happen at night and on the weekends.
CEM: Appropriate Use of Space Faculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsConference and Event Management (CEM) reserves the right to move any group scheduled for a conference or event on campus to an alternate campus location. Assessment of appropriate space resources includes event headcount, room capacity, requested event resources, revenue potential, and the number of rooms needed.
CEM: Classroom and Space Scheduling BlackoutsFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsLarge event spaces and classrooms are blocked out for major and campus-wide events and designated official university holidays.
CEM: Department Conference Room SchedulingFaculty, Staff, StudentsUse and scheduling of department conference rooms is managed by individual departments.
CEM: Facilities Use FeeFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline University charges fees for the use of university facilities by non-university parties.
CEM: Food Sales On CampusFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsThe following provides guidelines for occasional food sales, for example, bake sales used for fundraising purposes.
CEM: Two Week Out SchedulingFaculty, Staff, StudentsShort Description: Conference & Event Management (CEM) will schedule events and arrange campus resources in Event Spaces with no less than fourteen days (two weeks) notice.
Chalk Use (Chalking)Faculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsChalk can be used on approved outdoor surfaces. The content of all chalking should be consistent with the Student Code of Conduct and the Freedom of Expression Guidelines of Hamline University.
Charging of Costs to Federal AwardsFaculty, StaffOnly costs that are reasonable, allowable and allocable to a Federal award shall be charged to that award directly or indirectly. All unallowable costs shall be appropriately segregated from allowable costs in the general ledger in order to assure that unallowable costs are not charged to Federal awards. All employees have an obligation to act responsibly in connection with University funds and assets and to act only within the parameters of their fiscal authority.
Class Attendance and Assignments: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsIt is the student’s responsibility to drop or withdraw from any courses they no longer plan to attend. Students are expected to attend all course meetings and to turn in all course work as assigned.
Class Attendance and Assignments: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsIt is the student’s responsibility to drop or withdraw from any classes they no longer plan to attend. Students must attend the first class meeting of all courses for which they are registered.
Class Standing: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsFirst-Year status: 0 to 31.99 credits Sophomore status: 32.00 to 63.99 credits Junior status: 64.00 to 95.99 credits Senior status: 96 credits and above
Conduct Code: ACTC CampusesUndergraduate StudentsACTC undergraduate students visiting and/or taking classes at any of the five institutions are expected to observe the policies of that campus.
Conduct Code: All StudentsGraduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsPrinciples of community have been developed to govern the conduct of undergraduate and graduate students as members of the Hamline University community. This includes all students who attend face-to-face, hybrid, or fully-online classes at Hamline University.The Student Conduct Code is a statement of minimal expectations and seeks to foster a commitment to the highest standards of ethical behavior.
Conduct Code: Student AthletesStudentsThe Department of Athletics holds high expectations for how student-athletes live and interact with one another in both the campus and local community. Because student-athletes voluntarily choose to be a part of the athletic department, student-athletes also acknowledge and accept being held accountable for their actions. Student-athletes are required to know and abide by all federal, state, local laws; University policies, and the Student-Athlete code of conduct.
Conflict of Interest and Disclosure of Certain InterestsStaffHamline University’s Conflict of Interest policy applies to Trustees and Key Employees regarding their obligation to disclose any potential conflicts of interest, including the receipt of gifts, related to contracts or transactions (“Transactions”) involving the University.
Course Cancellation: Graduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsIn the unlikely event that course enrollment does not reach the minimum, the course will be canceled.
Course Cancellation: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsIn the unlikely event that course enrollment does not reach the minimum, the course may be canceled.
Course Evaluation: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsStudents are expected to evaluate their current courses and quality of instruction at the conclusion of every course.
Course Evaluations: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsAll students are expected to participate in the online course evaluation process that the College of Liberal Arts, School of Business, and School of Education administer.
Course Numbers and Course Types: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsThe first digit of each course number indicates the course level.
Course Prerequisites and Schedules: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsMany courses require previous coursework (e.g. MATH 3560, Modern Geometry, has a prerequisite of MATH 1180, Calculus II).
Coursework Taken at Other Institutions: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsA student registered at Hamline in a degree program should consult his or her advisor or the Registration and Records office before enrolling for academic work at another institution.
COVID VaccinationFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsIn order to maintain a safe environment for our students and employees, and ensure students have the best college experience possible, Hamline University will require on-campus members of our community to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus unless a recognized exemption is received by the University.
Credit Card Payments via Mobile DevicesFaculty, Staff, StudentsMobile devices are available for use at admission, donor and other events throughout the year but are not for routine business use and never for contributions or student account payments.
Credit Value: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsHamline University uses the definition of a credit hour as recommended by the US Department of Education. The number of credits associated with individual courses is indicated in the class listings.
Credit Value: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2020-22)Undergraduate StudentsHamline University uses the definition of a credit hour as recommended by the US Department of Education. The majority of courses carry a value of 4 credits, however, credits do vary. The number of credits associated with individual courses is indicated in the class listings.
Data PrivacyFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline is committed to the safeguarding of sensitive and confidential University information. Data protection standards for the storage and transmission of sensitive and confidential information as obtained and managed at Hamline University must be observed.
Dean’s List: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsThe Dean’s List policy in this Undergraduate Bulletin applies to all students regardless of matriculation term.
Death or Serious Injury of Faculty, Staff, or Students (Procedures for Response)Faculty, Staff, StudentsHamline University has developed procedures for response to death or serious injury of faculty, staff, or students
Delegation of AuthorityFaculty, StaffOnly identified employees are authorized to review, approve, and sign contracts and grants, to purchase goods and services on behalf of the University, and to engage legal counsel. These people are cost center managers and have signing authority.
Developing and Implementing PoliciesFaculty, StaffHamline University is committed to the development and implementation of policies that are consistent and that have been approved at an appropriate level within the University.
Diversity CommitmentFaculty, Staff, StudentsHamline University is committed to inviting, supporting and affirming cultural diversity. All university programs and practices, academic and co-curricular, shall be designed to create a learning environment in which cultural differences are valued.
Drone, UAS, Model AircraftFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsThe operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) including drones and model aircraft is prohibited on Hamline University property and at University-sponsored events.
Drug-Free Workplace Faculty, StaffHamline University is committed to promoting an environment that rejects substance abuse as an acceptable lifestyle, to helping individuals obtain help for substance abuse problems, and to encouraging individuals to make healthy decisions about alcohol and other drugs in the workplace.
Dunk TankFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline University prohibits the use of Dunk Tanks at University sponsored events and at third-party special events held on Hamline University premises.
Effort Certification Faculty, StaffHamline University requires that effort certification be completed by all employees with time charged to University restricted funds at least once per academic term in order to comply with requirements imposed by Federal, State and other funding agencies. Please see the Sr. Accountant with any questions
Electric and Gas Cart UseFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline University has established criteria to promote safe operation of electric or gas-powered carts and/or similar utility-type vehicles (carts) on the campus. Such carts are not considered street-legal.
Email and Official University Communication (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsAll degree-seeking students are required to use their official Hamline email (Google) accounts and are responsible for attending to any message sent to their Hamline account.
Employee & Student Recognition (Awards/Gifts/Prizes)Faculty, Staff, StudentsHamline University funds may be used to purchase awards/gifts/prizes for eligible employees and student workers only under specified guidelines.
Environmental and Workplace SafetyFaculty, StaffOnly identified individuals in Facilities Services are authorized to evaluate and engage environmental and workplace safety consultants and contract for related services on behalf of the University.
Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)Faculty, StaffEligible employees, as defined further in this policy, may be eligible to take up to 12 weeks (or 26 weeks, if leave is taken to provide care for a qualifying family member injured during active military service) of unpaid, job-protected family and medical leave during a 12-month period.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974-FERPA (Bulletin 2021-22)Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff, Undergraduate StudentsThe Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, affords students certain rights in regard to their education records, including the right to inspect, review, withhold disclosure of and request an amendment to directory information. The act also governs release of student information and retention of records.
Final Examinations: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsFinal examinations are held at the end of each term according to a schedule established by the Registration and Records office.
Financial Aid and Loan Disclosures, Data, and ReportsGraduate Students, Undergraduate StudentsThe Higher Education Office Act (HEOA) requires Hamline provide consumer information disclosures related to data, reports and information about financial aid and loans. Information on this and other consumer disclosure information is available on the HEOA Disclosure webpage.
Financial Aid and Scholarships: Graduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsHamline University graduate programs have a handful of institutional grants. The majority of graduate student aid is in the form of Federal Direct Loans to help defray their education costs. Hamline University’s graduate programs also offer several scholarships and discount opportunities to help with the costs of tuition; scholarship and discounts cannot be combined.
Financial Aid Application Procedures: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsStudents who wish to apply for financial assistance should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov indicating that he or she wants the results sent to Hamline University (FAFSA Code #002354). A Hamline application and supporting income tax information may be required.
Financial Aid Consequences for Drug Conviction Graduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsA federal or state drug conviction can disqualify a student for Title IV (federal) aid funds. A student can regain eligibility after meeting one of several conditions.
Financial Aid Overview:Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsFinancial assistance is granted on the basis of the student’s estimated financial eligibility as measured by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Assistance is granted through a combination of scholarships or grants, loans, and campus employment.
Financial Aid Return Graduate Students, Undergraduate StudentsA student who withdraws or decreases enrollment status may receive a decrease in the institutional charges. (See withdraw charges policy from Student Accounts Office) The date on record of a student’s withdrawal or leave is calculated based on when the student officially notifies Hamline of the withdrawal or leave or their last day of attendance. Students who receive federal aid who cease enrollment after a term starts and before completing 60% of the term will need to have a return of federal aid calculation performed. Students who receive state aid who cease enrollment prior to census date will have all their state aid returned. Students who receive merit and/or need based institutional grants and scholarships and who cease enrollment prior to the census date will have all of their institutional aid returned.
Financial Aid Summer Term: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsFinancial aid is available for summer students enrolled in at least six credits. Financial aid for summer term normally consists of a portion of a student's Federal Subsidized or Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, SELF, private loans, or Federal PLUS Loans. Minnesota State and Pell Grants may also be available.
Financial Aid Types: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsFinancial aid is available in the form of Tuition Scholarships and Grants, Loans, and Student Employment. For more information go to the 2018-19 Undergraduate Student Bulletin.
Financial Aid: Satisfactory Academic Process for Graduate and Professional StudentsGraduate StudentsFinancial aid eligibility is based on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards that Hamline University Office of Financial Aid is required by the U. S. Department of Education to establish, publish, and apply.
Financial Aid: Satisfactory Academic Progress for Undergraduate StudentsUndergraduate StudentsFinancial aid eligibility is based on satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards that Hamline University's financial aid office is required by the U. S. Department of Education to establish, publish, and apply.
Financial Aid: Transfer Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsStudents who have transferred credits to Hamline begin their course of study at the grade level approved by Registration and Records. Coursework that has not transferred will not be reviewed as part of the maximum time frame requirement for aid eligibility. Hamline scholarships and grants will be limited to a maximum of 6 terms and are not available for the online bachelor’s degree completion program.
Financial Hold: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsStudents who have a past due balance on their Hamline University student account will be placed on financial hold.
Financial Hold: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsStudents who have a past due balance on their Hamline University student account will be placed on financial hold. This financial hold prevents registration for courses or changes to a student’s registration schedule. In addition, no official transcript or diploma will be released until all financial obligations are paid in full.
Financial Policies and Procedures for Students. 2021-22Graduate Students, Undergraduate StudentsA comprehensive overview of financial policies for all students.
Firearms and Weapons Faculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline University maintains a strict policy prohibiting weapons in the University community, including legal and authorized weapons, in accordance with applicable law.
Fixed Assets and Capital Construction ProjectsFaculty, StaffHamline University has a $2,500 threshold on capital purchases. All purchases must meet the definition of a capital asset and have an approved budget and appropriate authorization prior to purchase.
Food Served on Campus Not Provided by ARAMARKFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsFood that is purchased, served, and/or stored at events on campus that do not use catering services through ARAMARK, including food trucks are governed by this policy.
Four-Year Assurance of Graduation: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsFirst-year students at Hamline University may enter into a partnership with the institution to ensure completion of their bachelor’s degree within four years. The student and the university share the responsibility for the success of this endeavor.
Freedom of Expression and Interest Graduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsHamline students and student organizations are free to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them and to express opinions publicly and privately.
Fundraising Activities (Incl Raffles) Related to Operating & Restricted Funds Faculty, Staff, StudentsAll fundraising activities should be planned in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) (either the VP or AVP) for appropriate receipting and the Controller in Accounting for guidance on appropriate recording and handling of payments.
Gift Cards and Cash GiftsFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsUniversity funds may not be used to purchase gift cards or to provide cash for any reason.
Gmail Use by EmployeesFaculty, StaffAll Hamline employees must use their Hamline-provided Google Apps for Education email account (“Gmail account”) for all Hamline-related correspondence and communication.
Google Groups Faculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsThere are three ways in which Google Groups are populated: Affiliation (centrally managed), Standing (self managed), and Ad Hoc (self managed).
Google SitesFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsA Google Site within the Hamline domain can be created by anyone who has login Hamline University login credentials.
Grade Change and Appeal: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsStudents may request of their instructors course grade changes and appeals
Grade Change and Appeal: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsStudents may request of their instructors course grade changes based on a claim of clerical mistake, oversight, omission, or arbitrary and capricious grade assignment and must do so within 30 calendar days of the date the grade was issued.
Grade Definitions and Grading Information: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsGrades must be a C- or higher to apply to major, minor, or certificate requirements.
Grade Definitions and Information: Graduate (Bulletin 2021-22))Graduate StudentsAll grades appear on students’ official transcripts, but only letter grades are calculated into the GPA.
Graduation Application: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22))Undergraduate StudentsApplying to graduate is different and separate from registering to participate in the Commencement ceremony. Once a student has applied to graduate, they receive routine updates regarding progress toward meeting all graduation requirements.
Graduation, Commencement, and Diplomas: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsAlthough the words are often interchanged, “graduation” and “commencement” have different meanings. Graduation occurs when a student has fulfilled all degree requirements. A student may graduate at any point during the academic year, as long as all degree requirements are met. The degree conferral date is the date when final requirements are met or the end of term.
Graduation, Commencement, and Diplomas: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsGraduation occurs when a student has fulfilled all degree requirements. A student may graduate at any point during the academic year, as long as all degree requirements are met. Commencement is a ceremony held to celebrate the academic achievements of Hamline University students. Participation in commencement does not mean that a student has graduated.
Grant Procurement StandardsFaculty, StaffThere are specific guidelines for making grant-related purchases. Additionally, federal awards have more stringent guidelines as spelled out in the Uniform Guidance 2 CFR 200. This policy took effect on July 1, 2018 in accordance with 2 CFR 200.317-326
Grievance Procedures for StudentsGraduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsGrievance procedures in response to student-reported allegations of misapplication of university policies by a university employee which adversely affects the student.
Grill Use on CampusFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsTo establish policy and guidelines for safe use and storage of grills on campus.
Hamline Magazine SubmissionFaculty, Graduate Students, Residential Students, Staff, Undergraduate Students, VisitorsHamline University has specific policies related to magazine submissions.
Hate Incident and Crime ProtocolFaculty, StaffAny act that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably or substantially interfering with an individual's safety and security by creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational or working environment will not be permitted. Hamline strives to maintain a respectful environment free from all forms of harassment, hostility, and violence.
Hazing Graduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsHamline University does not allow hazing by any individual or group.
Health Insurance for StudentsGraduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsAll Hamline University undergraduates and all international graduate students are required to have health insurance.
HEERF Emergency Student GrantsFaculty, Staff, StudentsThis policy answers the question resulting from the AskRegs Knowledgebase Q&A “Must Schools Return HEERF Student Funds To ED When the Student Fails To Claim the Funds Or Cash the Check?”
Holiday LeaveStaffHamline University designates official holidays (“Official Hamline Holidays”) for each fiscal-year, during which offices are closed unless otherwise specified, all classes are suspended, and most major events and athletic activities will not be held.
HonorariaFaculty, StaffTo ensure proper compliance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, immigration regulations, and generally accepted accounting principles, the university has established policy and guidelines for payments made to non-Hamline employees for services provided to the University through an honorarium.
Honors at Graduation: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22))Undergraduate StudentsGraduation with University Honors indicates that a student has participated in and successfully completed the University Honors program. Graduation with Latin honors indicates superior attainment in scholarship as reflected in a student’s GPA. Graduation with distinction in the major indicates that a student has completed a Departmental Honors Project.
HoverboardFaculty, Staff, StudentsHoverboards are not be permitted on campus grounds or buildings, including residential locations. Similar motorized or mechanized self-balancing devices are also prohibited.
Identity Theft PreventionFaculty, Staff, StudentsThe FTC issued the Red Flags Rule under sections 114 and 315 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act), which amended the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The rule requires "financial institutions" and "creditors" that hold "covered accounts" to develop and implement a written identity theft prevention program for new and existing accounts. While aimed primarily at financial institutions, parts of the rule cover many colleges and universities and the FTC has stated that nonprofit and government entities can be subject to parts of the rule. To comply with the Red Flags Rule, Hamline University (“HU”) developed this Identity Theft Prevention Program (“Program”).
Immunization RecordsGraduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsMinnesota Law (M.S.135A.14) requires all students born after December 31, 1956, who enroll in a Minnesota college or university to be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella. This law allows for some exemptions. The law requires Hamline University to collect immunization records and maintain the record for one year.
Independent Contractor RetentionFaculty, StaffHamline University is committed to proper classification and payment of individuals who perform work for the University and the appropriate designation of workers who are acting as individual contractors.
Indirect CostFaculty, StaffTo establish policy and guidelines for the definition, use and distribution of indirect costs (fees) assigned to the university through grant proposals and sponsored programs.
Institutional Review Board (IRB)Faculty, StudentsThe Hamline University IRB insures faculty and student research involving human participants is carried out in accordance with the policies and regulatory guidance materials issued by the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP). The IRB website provides full details regarding the responsibilities of the board, information on applications for a board review for proposed research, access to required forms, and the contact information for the board chair and IRB email account.
International Activities Reporting (Schedule F 990 Tax Return) Faculty, StaffEstablished process for reporting activities outside of the US (international activities) by region as defined by the IRS on Schedule F of the 990 Federal Income Tax Return.
ITS Holiday and After-Hours SupportStaffHamline University community members who require after hours and holiday technology support should contact Public Safety at 651 523 2100.
ITS Technology Equipment LoanFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline employees and/or students may borrow technological equipment from ITS provided it is for the purposes of support of the teaching and learning mission of the university. Specific check out procedures apply.
Jury Duty and Witness Leave Faculty, StaffHamline University recognizes the importance of civic activities such as serving as a juror or witness when called to do so and enables its employees to take time off for these activities in accordance with applicable law.
Lactation/Pregnancy AccommodationFaculty, StaffHamline University provides reasonable break time to accommodate the expression of breast milk, offers reasonable accommodation for employees with health conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth, and forbids retaliation against an employee who requests an accommodation pursuant to this policy.
Leave of Absence and Withdrawal: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsStudents wishing to step away from their program of study but intending to return at a later time, are expected to request a leave of absence. Students may request a leave of absence for academic, personal, or medical reasons.
Leave of Absence and Withdrawal: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsStudents may request a leave of absence for academic, personal, or medical reasons. Requests for leaves of absence should be made to the Academic Advising office
Library Collection DevelopmentFaculty, Staff, StudentsThis policy governs the types of materials selected and maintained in the University Library’s various collections.
MaskFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsWearing a face mask is required of individuals on the Hamline University campus to promote the safest possible work and study environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Meal and Break PeriodsStaffHamline University provides its non-exempt, non-union staff employees with breaks for meals and rest periods throughout the day in accordance with applicable state and federal law. Department leaders are responsible for scheduling breaks and meal periods, and eligible employees are responsible for taking the appropriate breaks and meal periods as scheduled.
Media and Marketing Use of Image, Likeness and AudioFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline University records photos, audio and video images and recordings of students, employees and visitors to show what life is like on campus and to promote our university in publications, on our website and social media, and in other online platforms for communications, marketing, publicity and other University purposes. This policy applies to media acquired in non-public and public settings. It does not apply in the context of the specific delivery of academic, for-credit curriculum.
Medical RecordsFaculty, Staff, VisitorsHamline University is committed to protecting the confidentiality of medical records as required by federal and State of Minnesota laws and regulations.
Military (USERRA) and Civil Air Patrol LeaveFaculty, StaffHamline University complies with the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) and all other federal and state laws governing leave for qualified military purposes. The University is committed to honoring such leaves requested by eligible employees in accordance with applicable laws.
Military Leave: Graduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsIf an enrolled student is called to active duty, s/he should follow the standard procedures for taking a leave of absence from Hamline University.
Military Leave: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsIf an enrolled student is called to active duty, s/he should follow the standard procedures for taking a leave of absence from Hamline University.
Minors on CampusFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline University is committed to providing appropriate and consistent supervision of minors who are involved in Hamline University-sponsored Programs, Programs held at the University, and/or Programs housed in University Facilities. This policy does not apply to general public events where parents/guardians are invited/expected to provide supervision of minors, or to events where parents/guardians are explicitly required to accompany their children.
Missing Students -- For Students Living in University-Owned HousingStudents Procedures for the University’s response to reports of a missing student, as required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. This policy applies to students who reside in University operated residence halls, apartment building and houses.
Name and Gender Change: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsAll official name and/or gender change requests for current and former students must be made to Registration and Records.
Name and Gender Changes: Graduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsAll official name or gender change requests for current and former students must be made to Registration and Records (East Hall 113).
Network Connection: Student UseStudentsStudents must read and abide by all technology policies when connecting to the university’s network. Student-owned computers which do not meet the supported system baselines may be connected to the network, but university’s Information Technology Services department (ITS) will not provide assistance in resolving connection problems.
Non-Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation Based on Protected Class Status, and Intimate Relationships Between Employees and StudentsFaculty, Graduate Students, Residential Students, Staff, Undergraduate Students, VisitorsHamline University will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or retaliation based on race; color; religion; creed; sex; sexual orientation; gender expression; gender identity; national origin; marital status; familial status; status with regard to public assistance; service with a local human rights commission; disability; age; or protected veteran status in its employment or educational opportunities. In addition, a romantic or physical relationship between a student and an employee who is not a student worker is prohibited.
Non-Resident Alien PaymentsFaculty, Staff, StudentsThe University may in the normal course of business operations be required to make payments or reimbursements to individuals who are not residents or citizens of the United States (non-resident aliens). All payments are subject to the requirements of both United States Immigration and tax law. This policy applies to all payments, including honoraria made to individuals who are not residents or citizens of the United States.
Non-Resident Entertainment TaxFaculty, Staff, StudentsThe state of Minnesota Department of Revenue requires that when entertainers who are residents of other states are paid to perform in Minnesota, the regular state income tax does not apply. Instead, their earnings are subject to the Nonresident Entertainer Tax. The tax is 2% of the *gross compensation received by a nonresident entertainer or "entertainment entity," as defined below. It does not apply to residents of states where Minnesota has reciprocity agreements (currently Michigan and North Dakota).
Onboarding for all students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsPrior to registration opening for each fall and spring, students will be required to do onboarding tasks in Workday. These tasks include: review and agree to the Financial Agreement and Disclosures, review and agree to the the Financial Aid Communication and Disclosure, review the FERPA policy, consent to receive the 1098-T tax form electronically, review and make any needed updates to contact information, review or designate friends and family and third party users.
Overtime Pay StaffHamline University is committed to complying with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations and to paying employees for all hours they work. Non-exempt employees may be required to work overtime as necessary. If a non-exempt employee works more than forty (40) hours in a workweek, the employee will be paid in accordance with applicable state and federal law.
ParkingFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsThe following policies and procedures have been established to maximize the use of parking facilities for the entire university community and minimize any adverse impact of university parking on our neighbors.
Password (System Administrator)Faculty, StaffHamline University provides standards for password utilization by system administrators’ access of Hamline systems. These additional requirements are to be used in conjunction with the Password (user) policy.
Password (User)Faculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsITS has developed specific standards for all password and/or passphrase creation and utilization within Hamline systems. These standards additionally apply, where accommodated, for access to external non-Hamline systems when conducting business on Hamline’s behalf. Hamline University members are required to utilize two-factor authentication (2FA) when prompted.
Payments and Billing for GrantsFaculty, StaffIn accordance with 2 CFR §200.305, Hamline University maintains written payment and billing procedures records. This applies to the preparation and submission of billings to Federal awarding agencies under awards made by Hamline University.
Petitions: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsStudents may request an exception to academic policy by submitting a petition to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.
Pets in University HousingStudentsThis policy standardizes the University's position on the management of pets in Hamline University student housing.
Petty CashFaculty, Staff, StudentsUse of consistent standards and effective procedures ensure the number of petty cash payments are kept to a minimum.
PiperXpress HC CodesStaffEmployees who order bulk mail projects through outside print vendors must request a Hamline Code (HC) to accurately track postage back to the correct departmental budgets. HC codes must be requested from piperxpress@hamline.edu
Political Activity, Candidate or Campaign InteractionsFaculty, Staff, StudentsThis policy provides guidance for the Hamline University community, including faculty, staff, students, and student organizations, regarding interactions with political campaigns and candidates, as well as other political activities conducted on campus.
Posting and CanvassingFaculty, Staff, StudentsOut of consideration for the right of free expression, the rights of viewers, civility, tolerance, and respect, the following guidelines are to be followed when posting or displaying notices or information or when canvassing on the Hamline University campus.
Potluck GuidelinesFaculty, Staff, StudentsConsistency and best practices for holding potluck events on the Hamline University premises.
Prepaid Expense GuidelinesFaculty, StaffClear guidelines have been established regarding prepaid expenses, non-financial assets which result when payments are made in advance of the receipt of goods or services. All employees have an obligation to act responsibly in connection with University funds and assets and to act only within the parameters of their fiscal authority.
Priority Space ReservationFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsThis system prioritizes the scheduling of large capacity locations, university-wide events, and student learning/activity spaces on campus. Space reservation conflicts will be resolved using pre-determined tiers of priority.
Procedures for Addressing Title IX Sexual Harassment ComplaintsFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsThis process document sets forth the procedures for addressing Sexual Harassment complaints under Hamline University’s Title IX Sexual Harassment policy. This procedure applies to all Hamline faculty, staff, students, and visitors in connection with a Hamline education program or activity in the United States.
PurchasingFaculty, Staff, StudentsThe purchasing function involves the acquisition of good and services that meet the University needs at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed for the proper operation of the various departments. This Purchasing Policy provides a basis for the acquisition function which is necessary to support the mission, goals and objectives of Hamline University.
Purchasing: Due Diligence and RFP GuidelinesFaculty, StaffThe Due Diligence and Request for Proposal (RFP) process is used to purchase complex products and/or services when price is not the only factor to be considered in the evaluation criteria. The RFP process involves writing a RFP document which clearly outlines everything a potential supplier would need to know to respond with a viable proposal.
Qualtrics UseFaculty, Staff, StudentsQualtrics is the data security tool required for all Hamline University online surveys. Due to stringent information security requirements, Qualtrics must be used over any other free online survey tools. Additionally, Hamline University prohibits the use of Qualtrics for any survey that is not related to University academics or operations.
Quiet Hours in Residential FacilitiesStudentsQuiet hours begin at 10 p.m. on Sundays through Thursdays and at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Quiet hours end at 9 a.m. each day.
Registration: Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsStudents are responsible for accurate registration; credit can be received only for those classes in which a student is properly registered. It is the student’s responsibility to drop or withdraw from any classes they no longer plan to attend. Students may add and drop courses on a space-available basis on Piperline up to the beginning of each term.
Registration: Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsRegistration is processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrations received from students with registration holds will not be processed until the hold (financial or administrative) is released. It is the student’s responsibility to request enrollment changes of any kind. Instructors are not permitted to drop or withdraw students from classes under any circumstances. Non-attendance does not result in an automatic drop or withdrawal.
Religious Holiday Observance StudentsHamline University is committed to serving a student body which embraces many different religious faiths and practices, and makes allowances for such difference in setting attendance policies regarding the observance of religious holidays.
Remote Access SoftwareFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsRemote access software can be used with PC and Apple, desktop and laptop computers but does not apply to mobile devices due to limitations in mobile devices. The remote access software can be used on Hamline-owned equipment or on personally-owned equipment on campus and worldwide (with internet connection).
Res Life: Cooking and Appliance Restrictions StudentsCooking is allowed only in kitchen areas in each residence hall or in the kitchens of the apartments and the Residential Life Houses. Use of appliances is restricted to those appliances approved under this policy.
Res Life: Guests and Accompanied VisitorsUndergraduate Students, VisitorsHamline University's residential life office has specific policies for hosted guests and overnight visitors to the residence halls.
Res Life: Keys and Access CardsStudentsLost keys and access cards must be reported immediately. Keys may not be duplicated or loaned to other students
Returned Payment and RegistrationGraduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsThe University has an established process for addressing invalid tuition and fee payments made on past due balances and the impact on registration status for the next academic term.
Room Capacity for Residence Halls and ApartmentsResidential StudentsNo more than four times the official capacity of a room may be in a room at any given time (example: 12 people in a triple or three bedroom apartment) for socializing purposes. For single rooms and studios, a maximum of eight people are allowed in the room at the same time.
Sales and Use TaxFaculty, Staff, StudentsSales and use tax is a regulatory mandate from the Minnesota Department of Revenue and applies to sales and purchases made by Hamline University. A Certification of Exemption ST3 Form may be required when making purchases.
School Conference and Activities Leave Faculty, StaffHamline University allows eligible employees to take unpaid leave to attend school conferences or school-related activities under certain circumstances.
Security EscortFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline Public Safety offers a security escort service for the convenience and safety of faculty, students, staff, and university visitors.
Service and Emotional Support AnimalsStudentsHamline University provides reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities who require an ESA. A service animal is not considered an accommodation and therefore does not require approval.
Sick and Safe LeaveStaffThe University provides certain paid sick and safe time leave to all eligible non-union staff employees in accordance with applicable law. This policy outlines (A) who is eligible for paid sick and safe time leave under this policy; (B) the purposes for which paid sick and safe time leave may be used; (C) how paid sick and safe time leave is allotted; (D) the terms and conditions of using paid sick and safe time leave; (E) the University’s commitment to maintaining, when possible, confidentiality of information provided pertaining to sick and safe time leave; and (F) the University’s prohibition on retaliation for exercising rights pursuant to this policy.
Social Media Best PracticesFaculty, Staff, StudentsHamline University has identified these “best practice” guidelines to help you use social media forums effectively, protect your personal and professional reputation, and follow Hamline University policies.
Spend AuthorizationFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsThe University will not provide a cash advance except in rare circumstances. A Spend Authorization is formerly known as a Cash Advance. Travelers should contact the Accounting Office for details.
Sponsored and Restricted Fund Expenditure GuidelinesFaculty, StaffThis document is intended to assist University employees in managing Grant, Gift, Endowed, and other Restricted Funds. Always refer to specific funding agreements, proposals and University policy for clarification. Federal and State laws impose requirements on many grants. When additional clarification is required, contact the Sponsored Programs Office or Restricted Funds Accounting staff.
Staff Appointment in Academic RolesStaffHamline University may wish, from time to time, to select members of its non-faculty exempt and temporary exempt staff for academic roles, lessons or student supervisory appointments, drawing on the special knowledge and expertise members of the staff possess. Non-exempt staff members are not eligible for academic role, lesson, or student supervisory appointments.
State Eligibility and Complaint Process (online courses): Graduate students (Bulletin 2021-22)StudentsHamline University, like all higher education institutions, is required to obtain authorization from individual states to enroll students residing outside of Minnesota. If you have a question, concern, or complaint about your online education experience at Hamline, please review our complaint process for online education at Hamline at www.hamline.edu/academics/online-state-eligibility/#complaints.
Student LocationGraduate Students, Undergraduate StudentsHamline University defines “Student Location” as the student’s physical residence at the time of applying to a program and, for subsequent terms of enrollment, the student’s physical residence at the time of registering for courses for an upcoming or current academic term (fall or spring). Students are required to ensure their university record accurately reflects their current physical state of residence within 30 days.
Student Media BoardStudentsThe student press at Hamline University exists to give the students a vehicle for the broad expression of their views on matters of concern to them. In brief, it is a press governed by and for the students. It is free from censorship or advance approval of copy by the university or any part of it, and the editorial staff is free to develop its own editorial policy and provide such news coverage as it finds appropriate.
Student TravelUndergraduate StudentsHamline University seeks to balance encouragement of active learning opportunities off campus with a strong commitment to student safety.
Studio Art After-Hours AccessFaculty, StudentsClarifies consistent circumstances and procedures under which students will be permitted to occupy Taylor Studios and Sculpture Facilities.
Tabling -- Anderson CenterFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsReserving a table in the university center is governed by university policy and guidelines for use.
Technology Use PolicyFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsITS has adopted the following policy to convey the responsibilities pertaining to the use of technology on campus, to outline the appropriate use of technologies, to communicate security procedures and information, and to convey the ways in which Hamline University will enforce the policy.
TechSelect Mobile DeviceFaculty, StaffTechSelect is the university's technology acquisition program (TechSelect) and constitutes the university’s official and required process of end-user technology hardware, device, and service acquisition and establishes the conditions under which university-owned or personally-owned mobile devices may be used at Hamline University.
TechSelect Technology AcquisitionFaculty, StaffThis policy establishes 1) the appropriate means by which Hamline employees may acquire desktops, laptops, monitors, mobile computing devices, and related peripherals/accessories and 2) employee responsibility inherent in taking possession of leased equipment.
Third Party Users for all students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsStudents may designate trusted individuals, such as parents or guardians, as Third Party Users in Workday. Creating a third party account allows students to release selected confidential information, such as financial aid awards, student account and billing information, grades, and class schedules, to the person or persons they choose. This confidential information is protected by federal law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, commonly called FERPA) and Hamline University cannot release it to third parties without the student’s authorization.
Time Limits: Graduate (Bulletin 2021-22))Graduate StudentsDegree programs are to be completed within seven years, except for the DPA which must be completed with ten; licensure program completion has no time limit.
Timekeeping / Prohibition of Off-the-Clock WorkStaffHamline University is committed to complying with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations and to paying non-exempt staff for all hours worked.
Title IX Sexual HarassmentFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsThis policy outlines Hamline University’s community expectations to support a campus free from sexual harassment in accordance with Title IX, provides for recourse for those individuals who believe that they have been subject to sexual harassment which constitutes sex discrimination in Hamline’s education program or activity in the United States, and references the procedures for determining whether a violation of this policy has occurred.
Tobacco-Free WorkplaceFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline University is a smoke and commercial tobacco-free campus. The use of tobacco products is prohibited at all times, including while working on university property, at a University work site (even where property is not owned or leased by the University), or as a part of any university activity. Students, staff, faculty, and visitors are prohibited from smoking, vaping, chewing, using, selling, free-distributing, and advertising tobacco products and electronic cigarettes in all facilities and on all University property and work sites.
Transcripts: Graduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsUnofficial transcripts and final grades are available for students to view on the university’s secure website, Piperline.
Transcripts: Undergraduate Students (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsUnofficial transcripts and final grades are available for students to view on the university’s secure website, Piperline. All requests for official transcripts must be submitted by the student in writing and personally signed or submitted via the university’s secure website and electronically signed.
Transfer of Credit: Graduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsCredit that is deemed relevant may be transferred into a student’s graduate degree program from other accredited institutions subject to certain limitations. Grade points are not transferable to Hamline. In other words, approved transfer credit will not affect the Hamline GPA. All transfer credit must be earned at regionally accredited institutions.
Transfer of Credit: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsOnly credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities, specific credit-by-exam programs listed below, and ACE approved military courses may transfer. Classes will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Please note that acceptance of credit may be for general credit only; equivalency to Hamline courses is determined by individual departments.
Trash Removal from Residence HallsResidential StudentsAll residential students are responsible for removing their trash from the residence hall to a designated dumpster outside.
Travel ExpensesFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsA traveler on Hamline University business is expected to exercise the same care in incurring expenses as a prudent person traveling for personal reasons. Travel expenses should be reasonable, necessary, and directly related to University business. Consult Travel Expense Procedures prior to making travel arrangements.
Tuberculosis Screening and TestingGraduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsHamline University requires all international students attending classes for more than one semester to be screened for risk factors for Tuberculosis (TB). Students determined by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be high risk for TB will have testing performed at Counseling & Health Services within their first month on campus.
Tuition and Fees: Graduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate StudentsTuition: The Financial Policies and Procedures brochure contains current tuition and fee information. The brochure is updated annually and is available from the Student Administrative Services office or online at www.hamline.edu/studentaccounts.
Tuition and Fees: Undergraduate (Bulletin 2021-22)Undergraduate StudentsComplete tuition and fee information is provided at www.hamline.edu/tuition
Tuition Charge Withdrawal PolicyStudentsFor undergraduates who officially withdraw from the university during fall or spring semester, the amount of tuition owed is calculated from the date on record of their withdrawal or leave, not from the date the student ceases to attend classes. For graduate students who drop or withdraw from a class, the effective day of the drop or withdrawal is the day the completed form is returned to the Registration and Records Office, not when the student stops attending class.
University Authority and Civil PenaltiesStudentsHamline University’s policy regarding university authority and civil penalties.
University Keys and Access to BuildingsFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsRegulates distribution and use of keys and card access to university buildings and interior spaces. All keys are the property of Hamline University.
Vacation Leave for Staff EmployeesStaffHamline University provides eligible staff employees paid time off from work as vacation leave.
Vehicle Use Faculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsAny Hamline-owned or -leased vehicle must be driven by an authorized driver. Personal use of such vehicles is prohibited. All drivers who submit their driving records and complete the required training as outlined below will be responsible for complying with the requirements.
Violence-Free Campus and WorkplaceFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline University maintains a strict policy prohibiting violence or threats of violence at all times, at or on behalf of the University or in connection with any University employment or educational activity, in accordance with applicable law.
Voting LeaveFaculty, StaffHamline University encourages its employees to vote in government elections and allows, as required by applicable state law, time away from scheduled work to do so.
Weather ClosureFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsEmergency and Closing Protocol
Website Purpose, Ownership, and GuidelinesFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsHamline’s Offices of Information Technology Services (ITS), Marketing and Creative Services, and University Relations have adopted the following policy to establish the approach Hamline University will use in the administration and management of its official website and to establish the appropriate use of Hamline website by the Hamline user community.
WESA Wage DisclosureFaculty, Staff, StudentsHamline University is committed to comply with all applicable law in regard to disclosure of an employee’s proprietary compensation information. The University does not prohibit any employee from disclosing their own wages, although no employee is required to disclose their wages. The University forbids any form of retaliation against an employee who discloses or discusses wages pursuant to this policy.
WhistleblowerFaculty, Staff, Students, VisitorsIndividuals may report an allegation of misconduct existing within Hamline University anonymously and individuals making such complaints in good faith shall be free from retaliation for making the report. A toll-free number, provided by Campus Conduct Hotline, is available for anonymous reporting (1-866-943-5787).
Work from HomeStaffHamline University allows its staff employees to work from home under limited circumstances with prior approval.
Workday for all students (Bulletin 2021-22)Graduate Students, Residential Students, Undergraduate StudentsWorkday is Hamline University’s secure student information system. All current Hamline University students are expected to check Workday regularly for notifications and inbox to-do items. Students use Workday to find course sections prior to registration, register for classes, access their academic history and grades, track their academic progress, request official transcripts, make payments to student accounts, maintain current contact information, and various other functions. Students receive their Workday login information upon admission to Hamline.
Workers' CompensationFaculty, StaffThe University provides workers' compensation coverage at no cost to employees, which may apply to an injury or illness sustained in the course of employment.