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    Tobacco-Free Campus FAQ


    Q: Why did Hamline make the decision to go tobacco-free?
    A: Hamline made this decision out of concern for the health and wellbeing of members of our community as well as visitors to our campus. In addition to reducing exposure to secondhand smoke, tobacco-free policies have been shown to help prevent young people from becoming tobacco users in the first place. Additional benefits include eliminating potential fire hazards and reducing environmental contamination from toxins in tobacco litter. Finally, in providing a counterbalance to the well-documented efforts of large tobacco companies to target marginalized populations for sales of their products, this policy is also consistent with Hamline’s social justice mission.

    Q: Where is the use of tobacco products prohibited?
    A: This policy applies to all campus facilities and all property owned, leased, rented, contracted, maintained, or controlled by Hamline University. (For more information about the boundaries of the tobacco-free environment, please refer to the policy and the campus map on this site.)

    Q: How will the policy be enforced?
    A: The success of the policy depends upon the thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation of everyone on campus. While the vast majority of tobacco users voluntarily abide by such policies without any enforcement whatsoever, individuals who knowingly refuse to adhere to the tobacco-free campus policy will be held accountable through applicable codes of conduct for students or employees. Visitors who refuse will be asked to vacate campus property.

    Q: Are tobacco users expected to quit as a condition of studying, working, living, or participating in events on the Hamline campus?
    A: No. Although the university is concerned with the wellbeing of all members of our community and is striving to reduce the potential health, environmental, and safety risks associated with use of tobacco products within the boundaries of campus, the decision of whether or not to use tobacco products elsewhere is entirely up to the individual.

    Q: What should I do if I see someone violating the tobacco-free campus policy?
    A: Individuals who are observed violating the policy should be politely reminded that Hamline is a tobacco-free campus.

    Q: What about the use of tobacco for cultural events or rituals?
    A: Hamline University recognizes the role of tobacco in sacred rituals among native peoples. With prior approval (for fire safety), tobacco use is permitted on campus for this purpose as well as for the purpose of institutionally sanctioned scientific research. (See policy for details.)