Jacob Aloi  and two Hamline Student walking around the campus

Connecting with community, from the airwaves to residential halls

If there's a common thread that weaves throughout Jacob Aloi's college career, it's his interest in the everyday lives of the people around him.

As a double major in English and history, Aloi '22 has found and created opportunities to explore new media for sharing his interest in the communities around him. He became a host of his own show on Frogtown Radio, inspired by the cultural anthropology reporting style of Vox, This American Life, and Vice, and he has incorporated audio into storytelling projects for English classes.

Aloi's engagement in his community extends far beyond the academic; he has served as both a mentor to and an observer of the Hamline community, as a media editor of The Oracle student newspaper (where his work as a photojournalist and podcast host has won awards and acclaim from the Associated Collegiate Press), and as a residential assistant (RA) in Hamline's dorms.

Being an RA is more intense than people think it is, but it's a really rewarding job. You get to help people and be a service leader."

Jacob Aloi Hamline Student holding a book

The job has been full of surprises, from helping first year students find their footing on campus to mediating conflict between roommates and finding that, through his responsibilities, he's grown as a person, too.

"It's definitely shaped me. It's been a way for me to be a role model," Aloi reflected.


Check out the journalism at The Oracle, learn more about being a residential advisor, and discover our English and History departments. 

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