• PiperXpress: Printing and Copying

    PiperXpress offers a variety of copy and print services to the Hamline community.

    Fleet printing: There are 64 printer / copiers located across campus that faculty and students can use with their Hamline ID’s. A print request can be made from any computer connected to the campus network, and it can be printed (using your Hamline ID to initiate) from any of these devices.

    Check the location of the PiperXpress Digital Imagers:

    PiperXpress Digital Imagers list and locations (Google Slides)

    Printer Locations Google Map

    The digital imagers provide several features, including:

    • Secure Print - All printing will be sent to a single secure queue, and you will be able to release your job at any digital imager on campus. Therefore, you will be able to print from your desk, and pick it up on your way to a meeting or your class.

    • Mobile printing - You will be able to print to devices by emailing an attachment from your mobile device to the mobile print Hamline email address

    • Scan to email - You will be able to walk up to any digital imager, present your ID card, and easily scan your document, and have it either emailed to you, or saved to your Google drive

    • Fax Services - Ability to send and receive faxes. This is the Information Presentation.

    • Submit the settings for a Fax Number (Google Form) 

    Consult the PiperXpress Fleet Printers FAQs for help using the fleet printers.

    Work with the PiperXpress Center to do black/white and color print and/or copies, and options like colors and paper types. Services include Copying & Printing up to 11x17, wide-format poster printing, laminating, cutting, spiral book binding, folding, padding, carbon copy forms, booklets/brochures, and larger prints can be acquired with 48 hour notice. Consult the PiperXpress Center FAQs for additional insights about our Copy Center operations. 

    Find Us

    The PiperXpress Center is located in Sorin Hall, across from the Bookstore, on the south side of campus. You can submit a job to the PiperXpress Center directly from your computer and track your PiperXpress Center job status via a web page.

    The Service hours of the PiperXpress Center for Copy & Print Services are from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday, and the team can be contacted at 651- 523-2932.

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