• Professor Karen Moroz

    Karen Moroz

    Associate Professor and Chair, Advanced Degrees and Administrative Licensure


    Throughout her career, Karen Moroz has continued to refine her skills as a teacher and as a learner, first in the seventh grade classroom, then as a literacy coach for one of the state’s largest school districts, an now in higher education where she impacts the lives of many K-12 students through her work with practicing educators at varied stages of their careers. In her role as a professional educator, she is skilled at engaging students in their learning and at facilitating rich discussions that lead to deepened understandings and active reflection. Critical dialogue is created each class session through the use of varied engaged learning strategies that encourage students to set a purpose for their learning and to seek application to their own professional settings. She takes pride in the quality of classroom instruction she provides for students.

    As she continues to deepen her understanding of the learning process and broadens her knowledge of what educators can do to support students’ academic needs, her key areas of scholarship include:

    • Effective Pedagogy in Higher Education
    • Effective Literacy Instruction for Secondary Students
    • Professional Learning Communities in Higher Education

    Within these different areas of interest, she has become instrumental in collaborating with others to share information with practicing educators in both preK-12 and higher education settings. She is particularly proud of the work she has done with a cross-disciplinary professional learning community that has been in existence now for 10 years. She has found it to be exciting to watch as members of this group take risks that ultimately increase student engagement and lead to classroom environments where knowledge can truly be co-constructed.  They have shared their work at numerous conferences, have written an article about their experiences, and have published Intentional learning at Its Best: Engaged Learning Strategies in Higher Education.

    Teaching Style

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    Intentional Learning at Its Best: Engaged Learning Strategies in Higher Education (on Amazon)

    Recent Presentations

    Moroz, K. & Carlson, J.L (2013). Engaging Tween Readers: Higher Level Thinking through
    Purposeful Dialogue
    . Literacies for All Summer Institute. Hofstra University, Long Island, NY. July.

    Moroz, K. & Carlson, J.L (2012). No Study Guides Allowed: Making meaning with tweens.
    NCTE. Las Vegas, NV. November

    iBlizzard: Navigating the Drifts of 21st Century Teaching and Learning Minnesota Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Spring Conference, 2014

    • Creating Intentional Dialogue: Utilizing Engaged Learning Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking Lilly conference Newport, CA 2014

    • Multi-university Curriculum Design for a One-Year Residency. ASCD Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, March 2013.

      • Intentional Pedagogy that Engages Learners and Monitors Student Understanding (Double Session). Higher Learning Commission: Conference on Quality in Higher Education, Chicago, IL

      • Differentiated Instruction in Teacher Preparation Programs. 33rd International Conference on Learning Disabilities, Austin, TX