• Facilities-Staff-2019

    Facilities Staff

    Learn more about the experienced staff who work with Hamline University's Facilities Services Department. These Staff Profiles provide background on the staff, what they do for their department, contact information, and other relevant information.

    Administrative Office Staff

    The administrative office processes maintenance work order requests, coordinates pest control, shredding needs and signage orders with outside vendors. Provides assistance with furniture purchases and ergonomic assessments (to request an assessment human resources should be contacted first). Coordination of campus projects both small and large. The department’s accounts payable, administrative support and student employment coordination also comes from this office.

    Lowell BromanderLowell Bromander
    Associate VP for Facilities Services

    Ken DehkesKen Dehkes
    Director of Facilities Operations

    Rob-JohnstonRob Johnston
    Project Manager


    Building Maintenance

    Responsible for various building carpentry projects to include roofs, building exteriors and building envelops such as window, and screen repairs, carpet repairs, clock replacements, hanging of pictures and plaques, installation of book shelves, furniture repairs, light bulb replacements over 10’ (and in residence hall rooms). Maintenance of all doors and locks on campus, painting, wall repairs, graffiti removal. Limited assistance in moving items on campus for larger move projects outside contractors are hired and paid for by the requester.

    Mark AndersonMark Anderson

    Kelly LinehanKelly Linehan
    Utility Locksmith

    Steve ZenisekSteve Zenisek
    Utility Painter


    Central Plant

    Responsible for all ventilation and heating/cooling concerns which include window air conditioners. Building mechanical, electrical concerns which include tripped breakers, ballast replacements, power outages and exterior lighting.  Repairs to ovens, ice machines, and refrigerators. Plumbing repairs on campus to include toilet repairs, garbage disposals, faucets and water leaks. The checking of natural gas leaks and smells.

    Rick BokuskyRick Bokusky

    Steve BordsenSteve Bordsen
    Chief Engineer

    Gary BurchfieldGary Burchfield
    Operating Engineer

    Tim EngelbrekstonTim Engelbrektson
    Operating Engineer


    Mike JanskiMike Janski
    Master Electrician

    Greg JorgensenGreg Jorgensen
    Operating Engineer

    Mike-19Mike Mell
    Maintenance Engineer

    Joe O'BrianJoe O'Brien
    Operating Engineer


    Rick-19Rick Potts
    Maintenance Engineer

    Jeff SemmlerJeff Semmler
    Maintenance Engineer



    Responsible for all campus grounds work, to include landscape design implementation and ongoing grounds maintenance and management to include mowing, shrub and flowers and outdoor cleanups, snow and ice management and athletic field care.

    Jens KvaalJens Kvaal
    Landscape Technician

    Craig WagnerCraig Wagner
    Lead Landscape Technician


    Custodial Services

    Marsden Services performs general cleaning, floor and carpet cleaning, restoration cleaning, filling of soap and paper towel dispensers, light bulb replacements under 10' and event setup.

    Doug-19Doug Howe
    Operations Manager