• Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    The purpose of the Hamline University Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to protect the rights and safety of research participants and to facilitate research activities. In general, all research conducted by members of the Hamline community that involves the participation of humans must be reviewed by the IRB or by a unit subcommittee formed for this purpose. All externally funded projects and all projects involving vulnerable populations must be reviewed by the IRB. 
    EXCEPTIONS: The Code of Federal Regulations states that some projects do not require full IRB review (see [45 cfr 46.101 (b)] and [45 cfr 46.110]).  You can find examples of research that is often exempt from review or eligible for expedited review here*. Please keep this information in mind when submitting a proposal. 

    Step I: Submit the IRB proposal form* for each proposal.  Only studies using human participants require IRB review!
    Step II: When your research proposal has been accepted by the IRB, you will receive a standard consent request document for your research.
    Step III: If you are working with students (minors) in your own classroom, you will also receive an additional document for parental permission.
    *NOTE: Access to these documents is limited to the Hamline University community; please use your Hamline email account to access.

    The following individuals comprise the current Hamline University IRB: 

    Social Science: Matthew Olson (Chair, term ends FY18)
    HSB: Jae Lee (term ends FY20))
    External member:Martin Gunderson (term ends FY18)
    Natural ScienceLisa Stegall (term ends FY18)
    HSE: Jean Strait (term ends FY18)