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    Computational Data Science

  • Computational Data Science at Hamline

    Connect data to decisions.

    Today’s data scientists possess skills and knowledge that they can apply in a variety of fields. Hamline’s unique program integrates computer science, mathematics, and statistics in concert with your chosen area of interest, so you are prepared to gather and convert data into the relevant, understandable information decision-makers need.

    You’ll learn using an applications-based approach, which means you’ll gain the technical skills you need and the added benefit of the experiential learning of applying those skills to real-world scenarios. You’ll be prepared to lead in areas such as public policy, scientific exploration, and business. The list of possible work applications is virtually boundless.

    With a major in computational data science at Hamline, you will:

    • Collect data: Develop the skills necessary to identify, generate, store, and manage informative data from varied sources whether text based or numbers based.
    • Analyze data: You will leverage computer technology to help make decisions based on the data collected.
    • Visualize data: Gain the in-demand ability to produce thorough, useful, and accurate visualizations through a computing environment with access to the data.

    Job Demand and Career Opportunities

    With a bachelor’s degree in computational data science, you’ll be prepared to meet an employer demand that has disrupted the job market by creating entirely new categories of jobs. You’ll be entering a field that is projected to grow by at least 20 percent in the coming years.