2022 Undergraduate Summer Collaborative Research Opportunities



    Undergraduate research is “a mentored investigation or creative inquiry conducted by undergraduates that seeks to make a scholarly or artistic contribution to knowledge” (Council on Undergraduate Research).

    2022 Summer Collaborative Research Application Process

    The deadline for submission for summer collaborative research is Friday, March 25th, 2022 (11:59 p.m.). Information about the application process for students and faculty is below. Faculty collaborators should submit their letters of support to Sharon Preves (scur@hamline.edu). An interdisciplinary committee of faculty will convene to select grant recipients by the end of April. 


    Student Instructions and Proposal Format
    Faculty Collaborator Instructions
    Application Form
    Example Proposals
    Recent Projects

    In order to complete the application, you will need to upload the following 4 documents in PDF form:

    1. Proposal
    2. Student Resume
    3. Project Detail Budget
    4. Faculty Curriculum Vitae



    • program runs 10 weeks: 1st week of June through 1st week of August;
    • spend 35-40 hours per week researching and investigating an original project defined in collaboration with a faculty member in their field; 
    • together with fellow summer scholars, attend weekly seminars which foster an interdisciplinary community and provide an opportunity to share work in progress; 
    • receive a $3000 stipend as an alternative to summer employment, so that scholars can focus fully on their research; 
    • option to live, free of charge, on campus, for the 10 weeks of the program; 
    • receive 4 free credits toward graduation requirements (registration form required);
    • network with and learn from alumni about practical post-graduation applications of the program.

    Students apply via the application. It is expected that all application materials will be well-articulated, well-written, and edited. To that end, all candidates are advised to work closely with their faculty colleagues throughout the process of outlining, creating, and repeatedly revising the application. In addition, both program directors (Sharon Preves and Irina Makarevitch) can provide feedback on application drafts up to a week prior to the submission deadline.

    We are fortunate to receive support from a variety of sources. Click here to learn more about them. 


    Additional Opportunities for Collaborative Research