Weather Closure

January 22, 2018

Classes on Hamline University’s Saint Paul and Minneapolis campuses will be cancelled on Monday, January 22 starting at 4 p.m. due to the snowstorm. Dining Services will still be serving dinner at the Bishop’s Bistro from 5-7 p.m.
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    Collaborative Research: Summer Opportunities

    Students in their sophomore year and beyond have an opportunity to pursue specific, well-articulated, innovative research in close collaboration with faculty members. Over the span of ten summer weeks, 24 selected students have an opportunity to:

    • spend 35-40 hours per week researching and investigating an original project defined in collaboration with a faculty member in their field; 
    • together with fellow summer scholars, attend weekly seminars which foster an intellectual community and provide an opportunity to share work in progress; 
    • receive a generous stipend as an alternative to summer employment, so that scholars can focus fully on their research; 
    • live, free of charge, on campus, if such arrangements prove convenient to their summer scholarly pursuits; 
    • receive up to 6 credits toward graduation requirements; 
    • learn about further research, scholarship, fellowship, and grant opportunities.

    Ridgway Forum Fund Partnerships

    Ridgway Forum Fund Partnerships are designed to support exceptional student-faculty research endeavors within the College of Liberal Arts. Student-faculty teams submitting applications for the Summer Collaborative Research Program can concurrently apply for these new awards. Also, teams who receive Ridgway awards will be included in the existing Summer Seminar Program. For more information about the awards and how to apply, see attached documents below.

    Ridgway Forum Fund Application 

    2018 Summer Collaborative Research Application Process

    The deadline for submission for summer collaborative research will be Friday, March 2nd, 2018 (11:59 p.m.). Students should complete the online student summer collaborative research application form found at https://tinyurl/SCUR-2018. Faculty collaborators should submit their letters of support to Sharon Preves ( An interdisciplinary committee of faculty will convene to select grant recipients by the end of March.

    It is expected that all application materials will be well-articulated, well-written, and edited. To that end, all candidates are advised to work closely with their faculty colleagues throughout the process of outlining, creating, and repeatedly revising the application. In addition, both program directors can provide feedback on application drafts up to a week prior to the submission deadline.

    Summer Collaborative Research Application for Students   

    Summer Collaborative Research Faculty Info 

    Previous Summer Collaborative Research Projects