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    Collaborative Research: National Conference
    of Undergraduate Research

    Each year, over 2,000 undergraduate students competitively chosen from colleges and universities nation-wide present their original research at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Traditionally, Hamline University has been able to provide about forty grants (covering travel expenses, accommodations, and registration) for undergraduates presenting research they have conducted for advanced classes, independent studies, honors theses, and/or summer collaborative research.

    The Hamline student contingent, which brings together scholars from the entire spectrum of academic disciplines and programs, is one of the largest in the nation. Of the 300+ colleges and universities that send delegations, Hamline consistently places in the top 5 in terms of students sponsored, and the 100% acceptance rate places the selected students respectably above the 82-84 nation-wide rate.

    Students selected to present at NCUR, together with the accompanying faculty members, foster a collaborative community committed to a challenging and nurturing intellectual environment. While away at the conference, students live in close quarters that provide a unique opportunity to foster interdisciplinary scholarly connections. Delegates typically attend each other's presentations to provide formative feedback on both research content and form of delivery. Each presenter further receives feedback from at least one faculty member.


    2021 NCUR Application Process - NCUR 35

    The 35th National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) will be hosted online in the beginning of April. The Collaborative Research Program will provide conference funds for conference registration for 35 - 40 undergraduates to present results of their academic work at Hamline. Students in all divisions, majors, and programs who have conducted original research in their courses, independent studies, honors theses, creative projects, or collaborative research are encouraged to apply. 


    To apply for NCUR 2021 funding, all interested students must first submit their abstract (prepared with view to NCUR-specific abstract guidelines) to a Hamline University-wide selection committee that will make recommendations for Hamline NCUR representatives. To be considered, email your abstract to imakarevitch01@hamline.edu by 11:59 pm on November 1, 2020. Please send your abstract as an email attachment in PDF format, and use your official Hamline email account. Please specify in your email if you are re-submitting the abstract from NCUR 2020 or are submitting an abstract for a new study.

    Your submission should be in the following format (for more information and tips on preparing your abstract, read over NCUR application instructions).

    Please do not submit your abstracts to NCUR until you receive an approval from the Hamline NCUR Committee!


    Students selected in the internal selection process will be invited to submit their abstracts to the national level via the NCUR 2021 website. Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by discipline-specific panels of experts who will select conference presenters. The results of that selection process are to be announced at the end of January per the NCUR 35 timeline.


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