• About CLA

    The College of Liberal Arts at Hamline University is dedicated to preparing compassionate citizens of the world by helping students maximize their intellectual, creative, and leadership potential.

    Students can earn a bachelor's degree in 46 areas of study from one of only 276 Phi Beta Kappa institutions in the country. Available academic programs range from African-American studies to women's studies, including biology, forensic science and psychology.

    The foundation of Hamline’s liberal arts education is the Hamline Plan, a nationally-recognized general education program that provides students with a set of flexible, goal-oriented skills and experiences tied directly to graduation requirements. Designed to provide practical applications of a theory-based education, the Hamline Plan ensures that you’ll have opportunities to conduct independent studies, participate in internships and apprenticeships, and develop skills in and knowledge of writing, speaking, computing, and cultural awareness.

    The Hamline Plan

    At Hamline, we have a plan for you. Hamline is unique from other liberal arts institutions in its focus on endowing students with the practical skills sought out by employers. The Hamline Plan, the university’s nationally recognized general education program, provides students with a set of flexible skills and experiences that prepare them for graduate school and the world of work.

    The Hamline Plan follows 10 educational goals:

    1. Understand the liberal arts
    2. Communicate effectively in writing
    3. Communicate effectively in speaking
    4. Achieve technological fluency
    5. Reason logically
    6. Understand various disciplines and how they interact
    7. Become aware of cultural, gender, minority, and age issues
    8. Work independently
    9. Understand the world of work
    10. Establish depth in one area

    Students fulfill plan requirements by taking a variety of courses across disciplines and declaring a major -- a subject area of focus. Many students pursue more than one major or complete a minor or a certificate. The plan ensures that you will have opportunities to conduct independent and collaborative research, study abroad, and participate in service learning and internships. The result is a rich and varied undergraduate experience that prepares you for life ahead.