Center for Gender + Sexualities

About the Center for Gender + Sexualities (CG+S)

Building on the historical legacy and impactful work of the Women’s Resource Center and Sexualities and Gender Diversity Programs at Hamline, the Center for Gender + Sexualities continues to foster a supportive and inclusive campus community for Hamline students, faculty, and staff.

The newly reconfigured Center aims to affirm and uplift women, femme, trans, and queer people by increasing access to resources, providing educational programming, and promoting inclusive policies across campus related to gender and sexuality.

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Mission and vision

The mission of the Center for Gender + Sexualities is to create a more socially just and violence-free world for all students by actively resisting sexism, cissexism, heteronormativity, and other intersecting forms of oppression on campus and beyond.

By uplifting the voices of women, femmes, queer, and trans people, the Center aims to:

  • Advance equity
  • Build community
  • Cultivate leadership across the entire Hamline community

Advance equity

At the Center, we provide and collaborate on educational programming that centers and affirms the voices and lived experiences of women, femme, queer, and trans students. We also offer expertise on and advocate for inclusive institutional policies related to gender, sex, and sexual identity.

In addition, we also supply a range of free menstrual and sexual health resources to students so they can practice sexual safety and bodily autonomy without the burden of cost.

Build community

Our programs and events enable students to explore, reflect on, and grow their gender and sexual identities in an affirming environment. We provide opportunities for students to meet on campus with those who hold shared identities and to network with other local campuses and organizations.

We also maintain a community space in Anderson 320 where students can gather informally, study, and hold meetings and events.

Cultivate leadership

We support students interested in gender and sexuality through volunteer opportunities, internships, and paid work study positions. In addition, we have also partnered with the Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) Office on the annual Women’s Leadership Retreat to foster leadership qualities in women and femme students.

Additionally, we also regularly offer training and workshops for faculty and staff to build inclusive classrooms and campus communities.

The Center for Gender + Sexualities envisions a Hamline community free of discrimination and injustice where all students:

  • Feel safe expressing all aspects of their identities
  • Experience a sense of belonging on campus
  • Achieve their academic goals in an inclusive environment
  • Inspire themselves and others to challenge oppression on campus and beyond

Join us in this work

There are a few ways that you can support the Center for Gender + Sexualities.

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