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Debra Nissen Peters is currently the coordinator for the Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate program and an adjunct professor at Hamline. She is also an autism resource specialist in the Southeast region of Minnesota for the Northfield and Faribault Schools and a consultant to the Minnesota State Academics for the Deaf and Blind. She has more than 30 years of experience in the field of special education as a speech/language pathologist and an autism resource specialist.

She earned an MA from the University of Minnesota, a certificate in applied behavioral analysis from Penn State, and a certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders from Hamline University. She serves on several task forces throughout the state with the Minnesota Autism Network. She has extensive experience with students on the autism spectrum as well as those with a variety of cognitive, communication, and mental health disabilities.

Teaching Style

Teaching about a social disability in an online environment can be challenging. Debra's daily experiences and interactions with students and staff in the field give her ample hands on examples and a deep understanding of what educators will encounter in the field of Special Education. Finding ways to engage learners in active discussions and providing relevant opportunities for expanding skills sets is a goal of her teaching.

"I love teaching what I am passionate about, helping educators ensure that individuals on the autism spectrum are recognized for their abilities and supported in their efforts to engage others, making a positive contribution to society."
-Debra Peters