• Residence Halls

    Residence Halls

    Living in one of Hamline's residence halls offers you a wide range of special housing options and living arrangements including quiet floors, health and wellness, and multigender and single-sex living. All of our halls are smoke-free. Included in your housing costs are: television cable hook-up, newspaper service (Monday through Friday), internet service, phone service in each room with voice mail, caller ID and call waiting, on-site laundry facilities, and a MicroFridge unit in each room. Living on campus also provides social and study lounges, barrier-free access in Sorin Hall, a 24-hour security escort service, quiet hours, and planned hall and floor activities to meet and make friends. 

    Students in the Residence Halls, Apartments, and Houses are charged on a semester schedule, once in the Fall, once in the Spring, and once in the Summer (if applicable). Students should also be aware that the Residence Hall Contract is for the full academic year August - May.  

    There are six residence halls: 


    Construction of Drew Hall began in 1946. Originally a men's residence, the first postwar construction project commemorates Charles M. Drew, a United Methodist and generous donor to Hamline University.

    Drew Hall is the home of 200 undergraduate men and women; it is an energetic and lively community. The hall is staffed by Resident Assistants on each floor, an Assistant Hall Director and one Area Coordinator who are committed to building and maintaining a positive community environment.

    At the core of this great community is the Drew Hall Council, which sponsors study breaks, and other fun activities for Drew Residents to get to acquainted.

    Drew Hall provides a unique, interactive and enjoyable living and learning community for undergraduate residents.

    Drew Hall is a coed environment, conveniently located near the library, theatre, music building, student center and field house. 

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    In 1922, the newly completed Manor house, which housed all women at the time, provided a gracious and architecturally distinctive addition to campus. In the 1940's the side lounge was called the "Mush Lounge" because only here could a gentlemen caller bid farewell to his sweetheart away from the stern eyes of the housemother, the legendary Miss Ackerman.

    The atmosphere in Manor tends to be quieter with second, third and fourth year undergraduate students. The building is smoke free and co-ed with single-gender community bathrooms.

    Residents are encouraged to become involved with Manor Hall Council, as it provides a great opportunity for students to get involved and enhance their leadership skills.

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    Originally dedicated as a women's hall in 1958, Sorin Hall honors Elizabeth and Emily Sorin and originally housed only women. The Sorin sisters were Hamline University's first female graduates and received both B.A. and M.A. degrees.

    Sorin Hall houses just over 100 men and women on single-gender floors, including two female floors and one male floor. Sorin Hall is smoke-free and features ample storage space, large windows, and direct access to the main dining service located on the first floor. Sorin Hall is also barrier-free.

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    The Heights: Osborn, Peterson & Schilling

    Osborn, Peterson and Schilling Residence Halls collectively known as the Hamline Heights, are identical buildings built in the late 1960's, each houses nearly 100 men and women. Osborn Hall, Peterson Hall, and Schilling Hall are co-ed communities, with carpeted rooms. All of the Heights buildings have themes designed to enhance the experience of first year students.

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    Want to get to know your RA a little bit? Or maybe find out some good things to bring or not to bring? Look no further. We've asked our RAs to each write a letter to their incoming students and they delivered. Check them out and get a sneak peak at one of the friendliest faces you'll see around campus!

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