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    Community Outreach Programs

    The Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) builds partnerships through our community outreach in order to celebrate our relationship with the natural world, raise public awareness of environmental issues, and stimulate environmental stewardship.

    Metro Watershed Partners

    An innovative, dynamic coalition of more than 70 public, private, and non-profit organizations focused on water in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metropolitan area.

    Eco-Arcade at the Minnesota State Fair Eco Experience

    Since 2006, CGEE has designed and coordinated an educational exhibit in the Eco Experience sustainable living building at the Minnesota State Fair.

    Sustainable Commons: A Forum for Ideas and Actions

    The Sustainable Commons blog serves as a forum for ideas and action and for staying in touch with our partners, students, supporters, and friends. Engage with topics that are central to CGEE’s mission—Sustainable Energy and Transportation, Environmental and Science Education and Water and Watersheds. Also explore the CGEE Student Voice.

    Artists in Residence

    CGEE is proud to have five Artists in Residence: John Caddy, Marylee Hardenburgh, Bonnie Ploger, Dean Hawthorne, and Kim Sueoka.

    Solstice River Dance

    A site-specific dance performance that brought residents to the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota to celebrate. This performance was designed to inspire residents to learn about the river’s environmental issues and appreciate its beauty.

    Courage and Light™  

    A DVD-based learning experience focused on personal growth, inspired by master educator Parker J. Palmer and acclaimed photographer Jim Brandenburg.

    Community Events

    We value the many partners with whom we have had the opportunity to collaborate on projects as well as events. CGEE works with related partners to provide public events that are both educational and entertaining. Contact us for information on any upcoming events.