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    Educational Multimedia Production

    Effective Storytelling in Multimedia

    Education happens when learners connect with their subject matter. Hamline's Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) excels in adapting one of the world's oldest and most effective communication traditions -- story telling -- to the media of the digital age.

    CGEE’s in-house multimedia production capabilities are complemented by a network of some of the region’s top specialists in animation, video production, acting, and programming. In the past decade, these partnerships have produced educational videos and DVDs, multimedia CD ROMs, audio CDs, broadcast television programs, and web-based learning programs that have won wide international acclaim.

    Production Services 

    Explore with us how your organization's educational mission can be enhanced at CGEE. Learn more about multimedia at CGEE through the links to the right.  Our experience includes partnerships with prominent national and international nonprofit organizations and federal and state agencies. For more information, contact John Shepard, Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) Assistant Director.