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    HYWW Testimonials

    Read a selection of quotes from past attendees and see what the Hamline Young Writer's Workshop is like from a student's perspective.

    "Fun and helpful at the same time. You learn a lot and the other teens are creative and accepting people. I didn’t want it to end. Everybody geeks out over books and it’s great."
    "If you want an experience that is guaranteed to teach you about your writing and yourself, HYWW is for you. You’ll create a community of writers to help you further your abilities."

    "There was a good balance of scheduled events and free writing, which I really like. I feel like all of us really got to know and bond with each other."

    "The staff was really nice and very welcoming to all different types of writers. They also gave good advice for now and the future."

    "Here, everybody’s differences were supported and celebrated."

    "You will learn things you never thought you needed to know, and your writing will improve a lot. Also, it’s fun to get a college feel and some independence."

    "It will probably be THE best week of your summer. You finally get to meet fellow writers and learn and grow together. The professors are incredible and so is the food! I have learned so much this week. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

    "The workshop is an extremely intimate setting where you get a whole bunch of students who just swoon at the very thought of writing. The teachers know their stuff and really care and will push you to discover new things about yourself. The workshop goes by fast, but you learn so much and get to experience a slice of campus life and it is so completely worth it."

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