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Hamline Student Wins Newman Civic Fellow Award


Hamline University is honored to announce that Wuang Yang, a junior in the College of Liberal Arts, was chosen as a 2016 Newman Civic Fellow Award recipient.

The Newman Civic Fellows’ Program is presented by Campus Compact, a coalition of more than 1,200 college and university presidents across the United States dedicated to the promotion of campus-based civic engagement. Campus Compact recognizes student leaders who have proven their investment in finding solutions to challenges facing communities.

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to celebrate such an extraordinary group of students,” Campus Compact President Andrew Seligsohn said in a press release announcing the 2016 Fellows. “We are seeing a resurgence in student interest in acting to create lasting social change, and this year’s Newman Civic Fellows exemplify that commitment.”

Yang is a finance major with a passion for interfaith service. Outside of his academic work, he has proved to be an outstanding student leader in numerous clubs and programs. By sophomore year, Yang co-led a group of students on a Catalyst trip focusing on disaster recovery in New Orleans. He also serves as co-leader of the Better Together Campaign, is a Spirituality Scholar, and has served as secretary for the Hmong Student Association.

“I have been drawn to lead and do service because I am absolutely tired of living in a world where entire groups of people have to try to prove their humanity in order to simply exist,” Yang said. “Throughout my experiences of service and leadership, I have been blessed to come across so many individuals, who in the face of life hardships, are still able to smile and find hope when the odds told them not to.”

This is the sixth year of Newman Civic Fellowship program and the first year that President Fayneese Miller selected a nominee. Each year, the Hamline University president hand-picks an undergraduate student for nomination and each year that student has been named to the Fellowship program; a demonstration of Hamline students’ strong commitment to community involvement and social justice.

“Wuang's active involvement in various programs has proved his commitment to social justice and leadership,” President Miller said. “He is incredibly passionate about bringing people together and exchanging our experiences, and strongly believes with that can we make social change.”

Yang says that you do not need to belong to any group or faith to engage in service. In fact, he is motivated by different groups coming together, no matter what they believe, to create change in the world.

“I am drawn towards interfaith service because I believe that the good that exist in our world is not monopolized toward any one religion or set of beliefs. I believe that it is so powerful for people to work together in the midst of differing deep convictions and perspectives.”