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What To Do Off Campus

Some of the great benefits Hamline offers its students can be found off-campus. The university is situated near all the cultural, corporate, vocational, entertainment, and athletic opportunities that Minneapolis and St. Paul have to offer. At the same time, Hamline’s small and picturesque campus in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood is known as a quiet, residential, community-minded, and diverse place to live. Many students, faculty, staff, and families call the area home; facilitating a small-community feel in the city. Find out more about what’s available to students just steps away from campus by watching the video below or on Hamline’s YouTube channel.

Ninety-percent of first-year students live on campus. Residential students enjoy living close to on-campus dining options (Bishop’s Bistro, Klas Center, The Grill, Leo’s Corner, Anderson Center Starbucks), classes, computer labs, the library, the fitness center, athletic fields, Anne Simley Theatre, Sundin Music Hall, labs, fellow students, professors, and study groups. There are six student residence halls: Schilling Hall, Osborn Hall, Peterson Hall, Manor Hall, Drew Hall, and Sorin Hall. If first-year students are particularly interested in living with like-minded individuals, they can opt to live in themed housing—residence halls dedicated to a certain lifestyle - for example, diversity, social justice, the environment, quiet lifestyle. When heading back to residence halls or vehicles after a late-night study session, workout, cultural event, or student-organization meeting, students have the option of using Hamline Safety and Security’s 24-hour escorts. This service is available to locations within one-mile of campus and is always free to Hamline students. To read more about Hamline Safety and Security services, please visit Hamline’s website. Find out more about campus amenities by visiting the virtual tour.

Although most of what a student needs is on campus, there are delicious tastes and delightful adventures just steps off campus. The Hamline-Midway is known for being energetic, diverse, and convenient. Many desirable destinations in the area are within reasonable walking distance. For those less inclined to walk, or for destinations beyond this scope, there are a number of other options available. The area has reliable and frequent bus service, is within walking distance of future light rail service between the downtowns (opening in 2014), has an hour car, and rental bikes. If students wish to have a vehicle accessible on campus, there are parking passes available for purchase as well as overnight, on-street parking.

Within a few blocks of campus on Snelling Avenue, students will find ethnic restaurants (Black Sea, Mirror of Korea, Sole Cafe, Fasika), coffee shops (Ginkgos, Starbucks), pharmacies (Loyd’s, CVS), boutiques (Patina), fast-food (McDonalds, Taco Bell, pizza), Wal-Mart, Target, Cub Foods, and a “world-famous” rare-book store. A short trip to Grand Avenue or nearby Roseville, and you will find just about anything you need. Rosedale Mall is a one-stop-shop for many; with clothing and appliance stores, as well as restaurants, salons, and a movie theatre all available in one place. Como Zoo and park, the Mall of America, Midway Stadium, and many, many other places of entertainment are within a short drive or bus ride of Hamline University.

In the short video below, current student Taylor Williams, points out a few of Hamline students’ favorite spots to visit, as well as summarizes amenities on campus. Honest opinions about on and off campus activities, as well as getting around the area, are available on our website.