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    Hamline guarantees that you’ll earn your Bachelor’s degree in four years—or we’ll pay the difference. What does that mean to you? A potential savings to you of $40,000–60,000 in tuition and lost income!


    Hamline awards scholarships based on your admission materials—you don’t even need to fill out any additional forms or applications after you’re accepted! The scholarships are awarded based on your high school coursework: a combination of your GPA or class rank and ACT or SAT scores. You can use Hamline's Net Price Calculator to estimate the scholarship you will earn by your work in high school.


    Grants and scholarships are both forms of gift aid that don’t need to be paid back. Gift aid can come from Hamline, the state of Minnesota, the Federal Government, or outside sources. In addition to the Admission Scholarships, other scholarships and grants are available for:
    • Students studying art, writing, theatre, music, and science
    • Eagle Scout/Girl Scout Gold Award recipients
    • United Methodist students
    • First-generation college students
    • Students participating in college-readiness programs