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Getting Around
The Hamline neighborhood has excellent public transportation, including high-frequency bus service, a city bike-share, and the Light Rail line—so Pipers can easily explore all the Twin Cities have to offer.
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Dining on Campus
Let’s be honest—what you eat is a big part of your life on campus. Our goal is to keep it delicious, healthy, and varied, all while accommodating allergies and special diets. And if you’re feeling like exploring, the Hamline-Midway neighborhood has killer cuisine on almost every corner.
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Located in the newly renovated Sorin Hall, the bookstore is more than textbooks. (But it’s got those, too!) It’s where you’ll find your Piper gear, grab snacks on the go, and stock up on school supplies—yup, you’ll still need notebooks and pens!
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Explore the Neighborhood
The Twin Cities are home to numerous city parks; 18 Fortune 500 companies; and an impressive network of music, art, theatre, and sport venues. Minneapolis and Saint Paul provide endless outdoor, career development, and cultural opportunities—all close enough for Pipers to grab a few friends and go exploring!
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Piper Profiles

Who better can articulate what it's like to be a Piper than Pipers themselves?

Calista Moxey

Plykue Thao

Hanna Bubser

Yonis Egal

Jiayi Li

Tyler Leininger