• University-Wide Committees

    Hamline’s university-wide committees play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the university. These committees continuously advise the university leadership team and provide input on strategically aligned initiatives. Hamline's most current strategic plan was approved by the board in October 2019. These committees were created in 2017.

    These committees are:

    • Enrollment and Student Success Committee 
    • University and Strategic Planning Committee 
    • University Academic and Student Affairs Committee 

    Members will serve on these committees for the fiscal year 2020-2021.

    Enrollment and Student Success Committee

    Committee purpose:

    • Identify and recommend strategies and/or procedures that allow Hamline to recruit, enroll, and retain qualified undergraduate and graduate applicants and students. 
    • Review and identify best practices for student enrollment, review enrollment trends and recommend possible innovative practices, review enrollment targets, and all other activities deemed important to enroll those who have the best chance of understanding and appreciating the university's mission. The committee will also be involved in identifying, reviewing, and recommending student success initiatives and activities. The goal is to ensure that enrollment and student success are connected.

    Co-chairs: Mai Nhia Xiong-Chan, Lisa Nordeen


    • Jason Verdugo, associate vice president and athletic director
    • David Everett, associate vice president of inclusive excellence
    • Lynette Wahl, senior director of financial aid and enrollment
    • Carlos Sneed, associate dean of students
    • Beth Gunderson, associate dean for academic affairs, HSB representative
    • Andy Rundquist, associate dean, CLA representative
    • Faculty Council representative
    • HUSA representative

    University Academic and Student Affairs Committee

    Committee purpose: 

    • Review program implementation proposals, proposed curriculum additions, and changes across the academic units (supported and enhanced by the work done at the college or school level). 
    • Ensure that curricula are relevant and meet the needs of today’s students. This includes developing processes for regular assessment of programs and proposing academic structures that fit the mission of the university. These include but are not limited to reviewing and making recommendations for departments, units, and programs.
    • Receive and review information pertinent to the life of students on campus, and be actively engaged in accreditation activities at both the university and college/school levels.

    Co-chairs: Patti Klein, Jill Bryant


    • Marcela Kostihova, dean of the College of Liberal Arts 
    • Anne McCarthy, dean of the School of Business 
    • Jason Verdugo, associate vice president and athletic director
    • Terry Middendorf, director of Career Development Center
    • Rebecca Neal, associate professor, HSE representative
    • Rita Majerle, professor of chemistry, CLA; department chair; CLA representative
    • Kris Norman-Major, professor of public administration; program director, HSB representative
    • Faculty Council representative
    • HUSC representative
    • HUSC representative

    University and Strategic Planning Committee

    Committee purpose:

    • Recommend approaches to align university resources with the university mission, vision, and strategic plan.
    • Receive university budget information and provide input.
    • Provide input in the assessments of various university operations.
    • Propose new net revenue activities tied to growth and innovation.

    NOTE: The Campus Planning Committee will report to this committee.


    • Mike Tompos, vice president for Institutional Advancement
    • Patti Klein, vice president and dean of students
    • Terry Metz, university librarian; senior lecturer
    • Michelle Hegarty, senior associate vice president for finance 
    • Jason Verdugo, associate vice president and athletic director 
    • Lifeng Dong, professor of physics, CLA; department chair, CLA representative
    • Dave Berg, associate professor, HSB representative
    • Faculty Council representative
    • HUSA representative
    • HUSC representative
    • Ex officio: Jill Bryant, associate provost

    Strategic Plan Goals

    Members of the President’s Staff and University Leadership Team will work with staff and these committees to compile information on, and ensure progress on, each of the strategic plan goals. Progress reports will be given periodically by these individuals to the Board of Trustees.

    • Goal 1 - Enhance educational relevance and distinction - Jill Bryant
    • Goal 2 - Enhance opportunities for student retention and success - Mai Nhia Xiong-Chan, Patti Klein, Jason Verdugo
    • Goal 3.1 - Enhance opportunities to become a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse Hamline community - David Everett, Cathy Wassberg
    • Goal 3.2 - Plan the Hamline campus and community of the 21st century - Terry Metz
    • Goal 4 - Ensure the continuance of a sustainable financial model
    • Goal 5 - Increase philanthropic support for the university - Mike Tompos