• Work Study and Loans


    A campus job (work-study) is part of many financial aid awards. If you are offered a work opportunity, you are assigned an amount of money you may work for during the academic year. Students interview for jobs after school begins so they may be assured of the opportunity to work for that portion of their financial assistance. Hiring and salary decisions are made by each supervisor. Students are paid bi-weekly through check or direct deposit. Examples of work-study jobs include office assistant, tutor, tour guide, receptionist, and groundskeeper.


    Loans are an important way for students to assist in paying for the cost of their college education. Most financial aid awards include a recommended loan. You may apply for a loan in the summer prior to starting your first year of school. Some families decide to pursue a loan option after the school year has begun. If you would like to know all your student and parent loan options, we strongly encourage you to file a FAFSA.

    Note: The Office of Financial Aid is responsible for award distribution.  Students who have questions about loans and work study eligibility should contact the Office of Financial Aid.