• Casey Willmarth '12

    Casey Willmarth ’12

    Communication Studies and Business Administration

    Casey came to Hamline knowing she wanted a degree in Communication Studies. “I picked Communications because it was a broad area that relates to a wide variety of fields and I’m the kind of person that had to have a plan from the get-go.” Casey chose Hamline because she wanted to be fairly close to her hometown in Eagan, Minnesota and both of her parents are alumni. She wanted a close-knit environment with opportunities in the Twin Cities. Through her time in Hamline, Casey has prepared herself to achieve her goals through a variety of internships, extracurriculars, and networking.

    Originally, she was looking to go into advertising or television production until she applied for and received an on-campus work study position with Hamline’s Marketing Communications team. She then got acquainted with the world of online marketing and web editing and has been there for over three years. She even helped transform the Hamline University website in 2010 into a more sleeker, user-friendly experience. Her work there has prompted Casey to pursue her interests in online marketing by seeking a minor in Business Administration. In addition to her work at Hamline, Casey sought internships outside of campus building online marketing and social media campaigns for a variety of clients. Today, Casey still works in Hamline’s Marketing Communications and has also joined the sales and marketing team at Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine. There, Casey is playing a major part in putting together Twin Cities Restaurant Week and other special events projects. “Two of their websites are being revamped so I get to help in making them as efficient as possible. Since I have been through the process of launching a new website with the Hamline website, I am able to offer different perspectives and feel like an important part of the team.”

    Casey began her internship at MSP Magazine through the Internship Program at Hamline’s Career Development Center. The program is set up for students to receive college credit for working in their field of interest and applying what they have learned through their education. Though she received the position through her own endeavors, Casey went to the CDC to prepare herself for success. She sought consultation on her resume from Program Director Lauren Kavan, attended workshops and the Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair. “Lauren had some very helpful suggestions to improve my resume and cover letter. She was able to give a more objective and professional opinion. In my interview, they actually paused to comment on how polished my resume and background were.”

    In addition to her academic and career goals, Casey has been involved with other campus organizations. In her third year at Hamline, Casey set out to join Hamline’s Undergraduate Student Congress. “I was on my high school’s student congress for about three months and hated it but my friend Joel was president of HUSC and one of his chair members was leaving so he asked me to help fill the position.” Casey found she really enjoyed the position. “It was a great way to network - I met so many new students, professors, staff, and administration. My committee put on a few events including the 2011 Senior Party. We worked with the Dean of Students, Alumni Relations, and Student Activities to put on a fun night for graduating seniors.” Casey admits to feeling empowered on campus because of her experience with student congress. In addition to HUSC and other spontaneous events on campus, Casey recently received a co-chair position on the Alumni Relations Senior Team putting together events to help Seniors transition into alumni. These organizations have helped Casey to create a strong web of connections to help her achieve her goals.

    Wrapping up her final year at Hamline, Casey is glad she came to a university that has helped her to accomplish so much. “The Hamline community seriously goes out of their way to help students.” She is proud of where she stands as she prepared herself to enter the next phase of her life.

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    Our Dean of Student Affairs Office shared a message with the community regarding the horrific explosion in Mogadishu, Somalia. The Hamline community is invited to come together in solidarity at the "We Stand with Somalia!" Community Gathering on Friday, October 20 at 2 p.m. in West Hall.


    Celebrate National Coming Out Week with Spectrum and the Office of Sexualities and Gender Diversity starting with a Coming Out Week Vigil at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 11 in the Bush Chapel.