• Normandale Community College and the Hamline University Transfer Plan

    Hamline accepts the MnTC and Associate's Degree work directly from Normandale Community College!

    This plan streamlines the transfer process for qualified students and includes graduation assurance, early advising and more.

    As a student who has successfully completed an Associate's Degree or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, the following is available to you:

    • Mentored advising while still enrolled at Normandale Community College to ensure a smooth transition.
    • Streamlined articulation and transfer of credit for your coursework, including MnTC Curriculum and courses in specific fields. (View the Articulation Guide for Normandale Community College.)
    • Access to high-impact experiences, such as honors, research experiences, internships, and study abroad.
    • Assurance of tuition costs through graduation.
    • Financial aid for those who qualify.
    • Consideration for academic merit scholarships.
    • Admission to the Hamline Honors program for students who have earned Phi Theta Kappa membership.

    Students who maintain a strong GPA, enter Hamline University with the appropriate preparation for their envisioned major, and progress effectively in their coursework as advised can finish their 4-year degree within two years.

    This very rich collaboration lays out a powerful path to success. We’re excited to make Hamline your next home!

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