• Internships and Careers

    So you have a Hamline degree. Now what?
    A Hamline education will prepare you not just to make a living, but to make a difference in the world. 100% of Hamline students complete an internship, collaborative research project, service-learning project, study abroad, or field-based research. But you don’t have to choose—many students complete more than one!

    The Hamline Plan

    "The most important thing in all my jobs has been the ability to be flexible and think critically. Everything you learn at Hamline is transferable." 

    - Brad Baso, IT project manager and former music major 

    A liberal arts education not only prepares students to work, it prepares them to live as thoughtful, engaged citizens. The Hamline Plan, Hamline's nationally-recognized general education program, provides students with a set of flexible, goal-oriented skills and experiences that prepare them to enter the workforce, go on to graduate school, engage in volunteer service, and lead full, balanced lives.

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    “The Twin Cities offers a lot of opportunities for internships, and Hamline has a great program - the university will help you find all your internships.”

    - Mary Wilkowski (Savannah, Georgia)

    100% of Hamline students complete an internship, service learning project, and/or collaborative research -- not just for fun, but as part of their graduation requirements. Internships can start as early as your first year, and often do. Located halfway between the downtowns of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Hamline is minutes away from 20 Fortune 500 companies and endless internship opportunities.

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    Career Preparation and Planning

    "When you graduate from Hamline, there's no shortage of people to write you recommendations or find you career connections. It's fantastic to have coaches, advisors, and staff who know you and can recommend you to potential employers."

     - Phil Brondyke, graduate student at University College London 

    Hamline’s Career Development Center is your go-to resource for all things career-related:

    • Individual career counseling and assessments to help students:
      • identify interests and determine majors
      • apply for jobs and internships
      • practice interviewing
      • negotiate salary and benefits
      • connect with potential employers and alumni
    • Engage in on and off-campus employer recruiting events
    • Lifetime access to Handshake, our online job and internship database, as well as all online resources through the Career Development Center website
    • Access to services for up to 3 years after graduation

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    Graduate School Preparation

    "I was extremely prepared for graduate school. I completed an honors thesis at Hamline--a rigorous process of developing a research project, gathering and summarizing data, and writing a research paper that I presented at numerous conferences." 

    - Julie Wroblewski, graduate student at University of Washington

    Minnesota's private colleges lead in producing the next generation of scientists, doctors, and researchers, according to the Minnesota Private College Research Foundation, and Hamline ranks third among Minnesota schools in the percentage of graduates who go on to earn doctorates. 

    Students interested in pursuing graduate school often find they have a leg-up, having worked one-on-one with professors through Hamline's collaborative research program and/or having presented their own, original research at national conferences.