• International Student Scholarships

    A Hamline education is an investment that will change your life!

    Hamline International EXCELLENCE Scholarship

    The Hamline International Excellence Scholarship recognizes exceptional academic ability on a competitive basis. Awarded amounts vary according to academic ability, and range up to $25,000 per year.

    Talent Scholarships

    Gain recognition for your talents! Apply for a Talent Scholarship and earn the reward you deserve when you are admitted as a new student.

    Methodist scholarship

    Hamline's affiliation with the United Methodist Church provides our international students with additional scholarship opportunities for those who are active members in their Methodist Church. 

    scholarships for gli & els language students

    Students who successfully complete GLI’s Advanced Level courses and receive faculty recommendation, or who successfully complete the ELS English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program Level 112, and transfer directly to Hamline University will receive a $5,000 scholarship ($1,250/year for up to 4 years).  

    Outside Scholarships

    We encourage you to apply for outside/private scholarships. There are resources online that can help international student search for scholarships, including:

    Work Study

    International students may earn up to $2,500 per year by doing a work study job on campus. Often students are able to find work study opportunities related to their major.


    International students may qualify to apply for alternative loans, either in their home country or here in the U.S.

    Find a list of lenders that offer loans and further information about loans »

    Financial Documentation

    The U.S. Government requires that we examine all international students' financial documentation. The Affidavit of Financial Support portion of the admission application must be completed and the requested documentary evidence included with the application.

    To complete the Affidavit of Financial Support requirement, please send bank letters and/or official letters from your sponsor(s) to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

    An I-20 cannot be issued without the appropriate supporting documents. If you have any questions, please contact the admission office at admission@hamline.edu or 1-800-753-9753.