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    Ask a Piper

    We asked several students to help answer commonly asked questions about living in the Hamline community.

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     Why did you decide to come to Hamline?

    "I came to Hamline because of the small class sizes and I wanted to live in a tight-knit, friendly community."
    Paige Hillesheim (Coon Rapids, MN)

    "I came to Hamline because when I visited, every detail that Hamline paid attention to made me feel like this was the right place for me."
    - Anna Gresser (Golden Valley, MN)

    "The atmosphere - it was so warm, even though I visited in January!"
    - Savannah Dotson (Tucson, AZ)

    Trevor Davis "I really liked the location. Being in the cities offers you many opportunities for jobs and internships. The twin cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul) offer anything and everything you want in regards to activities, sporting events, malls/shopping centers, restaurants, etc. I also liked the fact that Hamline is a very good academic school and that it was relatively close to home."
    - Trevor Davis (Farmington, MN)

    Trevor Davis is a Communication Studies major from Farmington, MN who coaches youth basketball. He also enjoys watching college basketball and traveling on school breaks.

     What's your favorite thing about Hamline?

    "That it's a big enough campus to always be meeting new people, but small enough that there's always a familiar face in every class."
    - Joel Eaton (Salem, OR)

    "The amazing people that I have met! People here are so welcoming. I also really like the small campus and how easy it is to contact professors."
    - Ellen Doering (Dayton, MN)

    "That's tough... my favorite thing about Hamline would probably have to be all the student organizations. There's something for everyone, and there's always something going on!"
    Jillian Anderson (Baxter, MN)

    What’s your favorite on-campus activity?

    "I love participating in orgs on campus because there is something for just about anyone. If you don't see something that interests you, you can start your own."
    - Anna Gresser (Golden Valley, MN)

    "I love the dances! It's so fun to get dressed up with my friends and enjoy the Hamline night scene in a safe way."
    - Taelor Hill (Port Townsend, WA)

    Tyler Luhman"My favorite activity on campus would be intramural sports - specifically outdoor sand volleyball."
    - Tyler Luhman (Farmington, MN)

    Tyler Luhman is a History major from Farmington, MN. He likes Hamline's location because of its proximity to other colleges. If Tyler is off-campus, he likes to go to Grand Ave or Dinkytown.

    What extra-curricular activities are you involved with at Hamline? 

    "I run for the cross-country and track team. I also write for The Oracle." 
    - David Ohman (Alexandria, MN)

    "I am the Membership Chair of Student Alumni Board, I am the captain of the Men's Soccer team, and I participated in Intramural Volleyball last winter." 
    Greg Northrop (Arden Hills, MN)

    "I'm the VP of French Club, involved in Anthro Society and work at the Bush Student Center front desk." 
    - Emma Napoleon (Orlando, FL)

    What's the "can't miss" event of the year for you at Hamline?

    "Hamline's Up All Night Party." 
    Greg Northrop (Arden Hills, MN)

    "The Lip Sync Competition during homecoming! It's so much fun, plus I'm in it!" 
    Sean Hayes '14 (Park Rapids, MN)

    "Late Night Study Breakfast & End of the Semester/Year parties. Homecoming is also really fun." 
    Evie Swanson '14 (Inver Grove Heights & Arlington, MN)

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    How far are you away from home? What do you like about being this distance away, and what do you not like?

    "20 minutes, and it's awesome I can go home for steak dinner."
    - Joshua Peterson '12 (Farmington, MN)

    Joel Eaton"I'm from Oregon, which is about a 2,000 mile or 3 hour direct flight home. It's nice because I was looking to go to college somewhere that I had never been before, and it's a really fun experience entering college without really knowing anyone. You get to redefine yourself and can have a fresh start."
    - Joel Eaton '12 (Salem, OR)

    Joel Eaton is a Communication Studies major from Salem, OR. He is involved in Hamline's Mock Trial team, and is the Treasurer for Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress.

    "I am exactly 8 stoplights from home, yes my mom actually counted as she drove me here my first day. I like being close to home because I know the area really well and I have the support of my parents there whenever I need them. When I am on campus though, I never remember how close to home I am because it is like being in a totally different world."
    - Greg Northrop (Arden Hills, MN)

    "I'm about half a country away from home. I actually enjoy the distance, though. It's given me a fresh perspective on how to do things independently in a place where I knew no one. I had to make a brand new set of friends and establish a reputation, but it's been a wonderful experience that has prepared me for post-grad life."
    - Grady McGuire '12 (Boston, MA)

     What do you like most about Hamline's location?

    "I love that it's close to tons of things in the city, but when I'm on campus it feels much more like home."
    - Paige Hillesheim '15 (Coon Rapids, MN) 

    "It's like a little oasis. It has a very small-town feel when you're on campus, but step off-campus and you get the big city experience, too."
    - Jillian Anderson '15 (Baxter, MN)

    "It's between two exciting cities. I can get to the clubbing/theater district in Minneapolis within 20 minutes and Historic Saint Paul in even less time." 
    Grady McGuire '12 (Boston, MA)

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    Getting Around

    What is your favorite off-campus entertainment? 

    "I like going to AMC. Not really entertainment, but trying local restaurants/cafes like the Black Sea & Gingkos."
    - Cole Gibson '13 (La Crescent, MN)

    "Either going to Rosedale or Mall of America."
    - Brendan Ruter '13 (New London, MN)  

    "Going downtown to the Xcel Energy Center to watch the Minnesota Wild play."
    - Corinne Henning '14 (Saint Paul, MN)

    Do you have a car on-campus? If not, how do you find transportation off-campus? 

    "I do have a car, but have only had one for the last year. Before then I either rode with or borrowed a car from a friend, or walked places because pretty much everything you want is within walking distance." 
    - Joel Eaton '12 (Salem, OR)

    "I do not have a car. I generally walk or take the bus, which was confusing at first, but now that I've got the hang out it, very useful. I also sometimes mooch a ride off of my roommate." 
    - Taelor Hill '15 (Port Townsend, WA)  

    Grady McGuire

    "I do not have a car on campus, but I use MetroTransit, the HourCar, and Nice Ride to get around. I feel like I'm doing the earth a service as well as helping to clear up traffic that way!" 
    - Grady McGuire '12 (Boston, MA)

    Grady McGuire is an English major from Boston, MA. He always attends the drag shows that SPECTRUM puts on as well as the LipSync competition, the Poetry Slams, and the Late Night Improv sessions.

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    Do you feel safe on campus? 

    "Definitely, I rarely hear about any problems on campus, and Campus Security is always pretty quick to stop problems before they become an issue."
    - Joel Eaton '12 (Salem, OR)

    "Totally, campus is very small and feels very closed off. It is a good idea to use the buddy system at night though just to make you feel more comfortable."
    - Sean Hayes '14 (Park Rapids, MN) 

    "I feel really safe on campus. Over my time here, I have built a good relationship with the Safety & Security staff, and I trust them a lot. I know I have the option to call for an escort when it's dark outside, if I'm ever walking across campus from work at Sundin Hall, to my dorm in the Heights. I have never used this service, though, because I usually feel very safe."
    - Anna Ostroushko '14 (Saint Paul, MN)

    How do you stay safe off-campus?

    "I don't go anywhere alone, and I make sure that someone on campus knows where I'm going and when I intend to be back."
    - Jillian Anderson '15 (Baxter, MN)

    "Be smart. Walk with friends and in well lit areas. Don't go walking around by yourself at 2 am in a dark alley and you will be fine."
    - Greg Northrop '14 (Arden Hills, MN)

    "I’m hardly ever off campus alone. I’m pretty much always with at least 1 or 2 other people when I’m walking around. You can also call campus security and they’ll come pick you up and drive you to where you’re heading if it’s not too far from campus."
    - Taelor Hill '15 (Port Townsend, WA)

    Joshua Peterson"Just don't be foolish." 
    Joshua Peterson '12 (Farmington, MN)

    Joshua Peterson is a Legal Studies, Philosophy, and Economics major from Farmington, MN. He is very involved on campus in Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress as well as Hamline's award winning Mock Trial team.

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    How do you celebrate holidays? Do you go home, go home with a friend, or stay in your dorm?

    "I will be going home for Christmas, other than that I will be going home with friends." 
    - Jessica Slate '15 (Aumsville, OR)  

    "Minor holidays like Halloween I stay in the dorms and celebrate with friends. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, I end up going home." 
    - Emma Napoleon '14 (Orlando, FL)

    "I go home, and bring friends from out of state with me!" 
    - Ellen Doering '14 (Dayton, MN)

    How do you survive winter?

    "Friends and getting out and exploring. Winter is a great time to get out and explore some shops and other areas. Plus making a snowman in front of Old Main is always fun." 
    - Sean Hayes '14 (Park Rapids, MN)

    "I haven't been through a Minnesota Winter yet, but I'm hoping my parka and snow boots can help keep me warm." 
    - Jessica Slate '15 (Aumsville, OR)

    Haroldly Taveras"Knowing that there is nothing I can do to fix it, so there is no point in fighting it." 
    - Haroldly Taveras-Perez '13 (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

    Haroldly Taveras-Perez is an International Business and Communications major from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She is a part of Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress and the Women's Resource Center.

    Where did you meet your good friends in college?

    Brendan Ruter

    "I met most of my good friends through cross-country and track." 
    - Brendan Ruter '13 (New London, MN)

    Brendan Ruter is an Exercise Science and Psychology major from New London, MN. He runs cross-country and track for Hamline, and he is also an intramural volleyball superstar!

    "I met my closest friends through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. They are awesome for sure." 
    - Evie Swanson '12 (Inver Grove Heights & Arlington, MN)

    "My roommate became a really close friend, and I've also made good friends through Pathways to Hamline and through A Cappella Choir." 
    - Jillian Anderson '15 (Baxter, MN)

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