Onboarding for all students (Bulletin 2022–23)

Prior to registration opening for each fall and spring, students will be required to do onboarding tasks in Workday. These tasks include: review and agree to the Financial Agreement and Disclosures, review and agree to the the Financial Aid Communication and Disclosure, review the FERPA policy, consent to receive the 1098-T tax form electronically, review and make any needed updates to contact information, review or designate friends and family and third party users.

Non-Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation Based on Protected Class Status, and Intimate Relationships Between Employees and Students

Hamline University will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or retaliation based on race; color; religion; creed; sex; sexual orientation; gender expression; gender identity; national origin; marital status; familial status; status with regard to public assistance; service with a local human rights commission; disability; age; or protected veteran status in its employment or educational opportunities. In addition, a romantic or physical relationship between a student and an employee who is not a student worker is prohibited.

Third Party Users for all students (Bulletin 2022–23)

Students may designate trusted individuals, such as parents or guardians, as Third Party Users in Workday. Creating a third party account allows students to release selected confidential information, such as financial aid awards, student account and billing information, grades, and class schedules, to the person or persons they choose. This confidential information is protected by federal law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, commonly called FERPA) and Hamline University cannot release it to third parties without the student’s authorization.

Tuberculosis Screening and Testing

Hamline University requires all international students attending classes for more than one semester to be screened for risk factors for Tuberculosis (TB). Students determined by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be high risk for TB will have testing performed at Counseling & Health Services within their first month on campus.

Immunization Records

Minnesota Law (M.S.135A.14) requires all students born after December 31, 1956, who enroll in a Minnesota college or university to be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella. This law allows for some exemptions. The law requires Hamline University to collect immunization records and maintain the record for one year.