Sick and Safe Leave

The University provides certain paid sick and safe time leave to all eligible non-union staff employees in accordance with applicable law. This policy outlines (A) who is eligible for paid sick and safe time leave under this policy; (B) the purposes for which paid sick and safe time leave may be used; (C) how paid sick and safe time leave is allotted; (D) the terms and conditions of using paid sick and safe time leave; (E) the University’s commitment to maintaining, when possible, confidentiality of information provided pertaining to sick and safe time leave; and (F) the University’s prohibition on retaliation for exercising rights pursuant to this policy.

Purchasing: Due Diligence and RFP Guidelines

The Due Diligence and Request for Proposal (RFP) process is used to purchase complex products and/or services when price is not the only factor to be considered in the evaluation criteria. The RFP process involves writing a RFP document which clearly outlines everything a potential supplier would need to know to respond with a viable proposal.


The purchasing function involves the acquisition of good and services that meet the University needs at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed for the proper operation of the various departments. This Purchasing Policy provides a basis for the acquisition function which is necessary to support the mission, goals and objectives of Hamline University.